Red and gold

Wait a minute, how did  Shaun White get to be 31 years old?


I didn’t know they allowed snowboarders to be over 30.

Hope the winds die down in Korea so they can get the skiing events started before the spring thaw.


NCAA denied Notre Dame’s appeal and so the football team must vacate wins from 2012-13 over students doing homework and assignments for players.  Not a Fighting Irish fan but looking at say,  UNC, clearly Notre Dame’s mistake was having players enroll in real classes.

Some of Phoenix Suns felt it was disrespectful for Steve Kerr to let Warriors players coach the team in Golden State’s 129-83 win last night.   So Kerr  should have done like Gregg Popovich did, coaching 3 quarters and then letting an assistant coach coach the 4th quarter?  The shorthanded Spurs beat the Suns by 48.


Does every guy’s lawyer pay porn stars $130,000 out of their own pockets? Asking as a confused woman.


Michael Cohen  “Neither “Trump Organization nor Trump campaign was a party to transaction w/ Ms. Clifford & neither reimbursed me for payment.”

Cohen didn’t say Donald Trump didn’t pay him.

FBI Director Wray testified today White House was warned about Rob Porter in Mar, Jul, Nov 2017 & again this month. Does this move Wray to top in Trump firing pool?

Amazing how same GOP that promotes “steak & lobster on taxpayer dime” myth for food stamp recipients has no problem with flying first class on taxpayer dime.

So are #SNAP boxes Trump proposes of processed foods really just a way to make sure more poor people don’t live to collect social security & Medicare?


Among Trump’s first 87 judicial nominees, 80 are white. Shocking! How did those 7 slip through.

Rob Porter said glass vase that allegedly blackened his ex-wife’s eye was Venetian. So not American. Deport the vase!


Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer have separated. Darn I miss the days when Palins were the most hypocritical outrageous family in politics. #Familyvalues


It’s actually pretty simple, only people who say they don’t believe Russia was meddling in 2016 elections, are people Russia was meddling on behalf of.

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3 Comments on “Red and gold”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    I Googled Stormy Daniels and it appears that she has had upper body enhancement surgery. So her and Donny (alleged couple, lol) would make the ideal match. Fake Boobs and A Real Boob! Can we have a Reality Show redo?: The Fake Dating Game!

  2. tc in bc Says:

    Donny’s lawyer says he paid Stormy $130,000 out of his own wallet for now reason at all. I’ve never had an affair w her, and my lawyer paid her as well, and he never told me. I only found out watching Fox News!

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