Heavy medals?


I miss the days during the Winter Olympics when the worst scandal Americans were talking about involved a  French judge.

Sebastian Janikowski trending. But whew, he’s only been cut by the Raiders. Not dead or accused of sexual harassment.


As we approach All-Star break,  Warriors lost tonight in Portland to the Trail Blazers.   Putting them shockingly now in second place in the NBA pre-season.

Lane Kiffin’s brother Chris Kiffin leaving FAU to be assistant coach for SF 49ers.  Well, at least they have several months to work it out before Thanksgiving

Why does sensible gun control have to be a partisan issue? You can have friends who hunt & well-trained friends who have guns for fun or protection without thinking teenagers should have access to AR-15s?

Some in GOP saying latest school shooting is a reason to arm teachers. Can those same teachers bring their guns to contract negotiations?

Wonder how many consumers now think Blue Apron delivers canned processed meals?

Mitt Romney is reportedly going to announce his run for the Senate in Utah tomorrow. Apparently since his loss in 2012, he’s done enough knitting?


I’m so old that I remember going to high school in Florida when you heard about a classmate being tragically killed it probably was in a car accident.

In 2014, Charlie Christ was good but imperfect candidate for FL Gov.   Lost to Rick Scott by 1%. Crist had called for assault weapons ban, a size limit on ammunition clips & tougher background checks.


Before we attack the whole state of Florida, remember this  vote total in 2014 – Rick Scott – 2,865,343, Charlie Crist – 2,801,198. We don’t need to change ALL minds. We just need 50.1%

A last horrifying detail –apparently the Florida High School killer was expelled only AFTER as student he attended “shooter driller” telling kids what to do.

Then he used it as part of blueprint for today. But drills don’t kill people….

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