Not-so-dumb vs dumber.

Love him or hate him, #LeBronJames is NOT dumb. Laura Ingraham on the other hand….

Headlines that “USA’s Lindsey Jacobellis fails to medal in snowboardcross event.”  Okay,  bummer for her, she finished 4th.  But how many Americans before this week even knew what “snowboardcross” is?


I miss the times when biggest story on Twitter would have been Jennifer Aniston’s break up.


McDonalds is going to take cheeseburgers out of their Happy Meals to get them all under 600 calories. Right, that piece of cheese is the problem..

Waiting for Donald Trump to say Rick Gates was just a covfefe boy.

Trump today “To every parent, teacher and child who is hurting so badly, we are here for you, whatever you need, whatever we can do, to ease your pain.”
“Whatever we can do…” as long as it doesn’t involve trying to keep AR-15’s out of the hands of Americans.

Does anyone doubt that if Florida killer was an immigrant that Trump would be tweeting angrily today about the need for his wall?

1st amendment doesn’t give you the right to yell “fire” in a crowded theater. Why should 2nd amendment give you the right to own an AR-15?


How can anyone say a different gun law wouldn’t have prevented latest school shooting. The killer bought gun legally.

After killing 17 people, the killer went to Subway to buy a soft drink.  Because he couldn’t legally go to a bar to buy a beer?


On #ParklandShooting “We’ve seen lots of discussion about this every time we’ve had another incident… need to have conversation at level where lawmakers can actually impact future. It’s their job.”  This quote from noted liberal…. Betsy Devos?!!  #nottheOnion


NC State Rep. Larry Pittman wrote online “So many of these shooters turn out to be communist Democrats, that I suspect they are doing these things to push for gun control so they can more easily take over the country.”
For some people, “despicable” would be a compliment.

Why does sensible gun control have to be a partisan issue? You can have friends who hunt & well-trained friends who have guns for fun or protection without thinking teenagers should have access to AR-15s?

Trump says about disturbed individuals – “Must always report such instances to authorities, again and again.” How’d that work out for Rob Porter’s ex-wives?


Rick Scott on Fox and Friends – “Something has to change here.” Right, starting with Florida’s governor.

EPA Secretary Greg Pruitt claims he can’t fly coach because of unpleasant “interactions” with passengers…..    #Thoughtsandprayers

Marco Rubio today said not to blame lawmakers as proposals for gun control wouldn’t have stopped any mass shooting. Maybe not EVERY mass shooting as people break laws. But that’s like saying DUI laws don’t stop drunk driving deaths.

Alyssa Al Hadeff Scott Beigel Martin Duque Nick Dworet Aaron Feis Jaime Guttenberg Chris Hixon Luke Hoyer Cara Loughran Gina Montalo Joaquin Oliver Alaina Petty Meadow Pollack Alex Schachter Carmen Schentrup Helena Ramsey Peter Wang…

These are the names we should remember. Not the killer’s.

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