Canada is kicking US butts in the medal count for this Olympics.  Should we blame Trump?


Canada-Denmark women’s curling match featured a “burned rock” foul.    No joke. But I see great endorsement opportunities…  “Burning rocks?  – There’s a cure for that.”

Chris Long is now taking Laura Ingraham to task over her comments against Lebron James.  How long until Trump says he wouldn’t want the “loser” Eagles to visit the White House anyway?

In Florida there is a 3-day waiting period to buy a handgun. There is no waiting period for an AR-15. #NottheOnion


Look, I don’t really care what goes on in someone else’s marriage. But where are all the trolls who said they had no respect for Hillary Clinton because she ignored Bill’s cheating?


Marco Rubio, still pro-gun after the Florida school shooting: “I’m trying to be clear and honest here, someone who has decided to commit this crime, they will find a way to get the gun to do it.”

-So why do we have laws against murder? They don’t stop someone who has decided to kill someone else.

Rick Scott wants FBI Director Wray to resign over the bureau’s handling on tip about Florida killer. While he attacks gun control advocates for politicizing the tragedy.

FBI now admits someone “close to” Florida gunman called their tipline in January — but “protocols were not followed,” and “no further investigation was conducted at that time.”
In other words, same reaction White House had about Rob Porter.

19 year-old Parkland killer went to Subway after the shootings to get a soft drink. Well, of course, because he couldn’t legally go to a bar to get a beer.

How strange has “normal” become when an alleged affair with a Playboy bunny and subsequent cover-up might be the mildest story affecting Donald  Trump today?

When Stormy Daniels trots out her stained dress, going to be real interesting to see how Trumpsters blame this on Hillary. Or Obama.


Trump press release says Mueller indictments indicate #NoCollusion. Waiting for next release saying there is no gambling in Casablanca.


Trump spent six minutes with shooting victims yesterday. Less time than the killer did in the school.

Mueller is a Republican. Mueller is a Republican. Mueller is a Republican. #Indictments

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