Going downhill


One problem with Winter Olympics is just when we begin to figure out what, for example, a good slalom run looks like, the events are over.

Of course, to be fair, most Americans are also equally good at normally ignoring college basketball.  Until the brackets are out.


NBC has hired Adam Rippon to work as a correspondent for the remainder of the Olympics. Fabulous!

So who had the first athlete accused of doping at Winter Games be a …curler?#AlexanderKrushelnitsky,

West Virginia coach Bob Huggins is upset after his team lost to #13 Kansas – after his Mountaineers got 2 free throws, and the Jayhawks got 35.

So did the refs think one of the Kansas players was the 2nd coming of James Harden?


As if we didn’t know already, there is NOTHING that Trump won’t try to make all about him. Even the massacre of children.

Maybe while we raise the legal age to buy guns to 21 we should lower the voting age to 16. #Florida #EmmaGonzalez

Trump didn’t play golf today to honor victims of school shooting. Better instead of skipping greens he would consider skipping NRA green. $$$$

From “The Hill ” Trump joked with Officer Michael Leonard, the Coconut Creek, Fla., police officer who apprehended the accused shooter, saying he should be less “modest” about it.
“That was so modest, I would have told it much differently,” Trump joked to Leonard after he acknowledged the arrest. “I would have said without me, they never would have found him.”

Uh, Trump WASN’T joking.


Late Saturday night tweetstorm from @realDonaldTrump – Melania must have locked her door again….

Another morning ranting tweet storm from @realDonaldTrump. Can we only imagine what it would be like if this guy actually drank alcohol?

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