Almost but not perfect.

Ok, even to watch that happen to a Dodger that was kinda painful.   #Baseballisthecruelestgame

In the 9th inning,  Rich Hill had a perfect game in a 0-0 tie.   Until an error at 3rd base.   Logan Forsythe has a great chance to be in a Southwest commercial.   #wannagetaway

(Then in the 10th inning, Hill gave up a leadoff home run and lost the game.)

Hank Aaron saying Colin Kaepernick “getting a raw deal” and called for NFL team to sign him.
Thinking this problem will work itself out; as much of a distraction as Kap might be, won’t be long into season before some team decides their QB really sucking will be a worse one.

Over 1,000 people rallied in NY on behalf of Colin Kaepernick. Wonder how many of them would cheer him after a few months as QB of NY Jets.

USC unveiled a statue of Queen Hecubaa, Queen of Troy, at their new USC village. And they spelled Shakespeare’s name as “Shakespear.”
Nobody tell the Stanford Band.

ESPN pulled an Asian-American announcer from calling UVA game because his name is #RobertLee. Even @theOnion thinking “that’s a stretch.”
Celtics traded with Cavs for Kyrie Irving. Which to 25 or so teams with 0 chance to win  NBA title is about as relevant as celebrities swapping wives.

Taylor Swift  has announced her newest album. Wonder how many boyfriends she had to break up with to write it?


At this point @Scaramucci has to be feeling like Chief Bromden after he threw that water fountain though the window. #CuckoosNest

Samsung is launching their Galaxy Note 8.0 So will it be an explosive announcement?

So Trump plans to shut down the government if needed to build his wall? Yea, bullying congress has worked so well with healthcare.

Well of course Trump will pardon Joe Arpaio. At this point former sheriff one of few Americans who might take job in Trump administration

Paul Ryan warning Trump not to shutdown govt over wall. Wonder how many GOP secretly wishing they were just dealing w/ President Clinton.


Reports are that WSJ editor Gerard Baker has been angering reporters by his support of Trump, asking them to soften coverage and saying “Could we just stick to reporting what he said.”
Uh, except sometimes that’s part of the problem.


Trump is giving Pentagon 6 months to kick out transgender service people deemed ‘non-deployable.’ But will Trump be around in 6 months?

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One Comment on “Almost but not perfect.”

  1. JD in PA Says:

    Great “Cuckoo’s Nest” reference! I wonder if Chief of Staff John Kelly ever remembers McMurphy with those symmetrical scars on his forehead & thinks “I might be better off …”

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