If at first…

Not a UFC fan but  Jon Jones stripped of title again for drugs? Third time he has lost it. Maybe they should find a way to instant-test the guy BEFORE he gets in ring?

Although really,  a DUI hit-and-run, two PED suspensions, maybe Jones really missed his calling with the NFL.

ESPN says the happiness football fans in the country are at Ohio State. Hmm, did they mean happy or smug?


Unhappiest college football fans per ESPN are at Kansas. And many Kansas students are going “We have a football team?”

Several members of Cleveland Browns knelt during anthem. @NFL isn’t too worried, not like the Browns are a team who’ll be on national TV or in playoffs.

Although regarding the Cleveland Browns kneeling during National Anthem. Wonder how many fans who profess to be upset use anthem themselves as a chance for a bathroom break.

Patriots gave the President a Super Bowl Ring during their White House Visit. Perhaps so Trump can match his BFF Putin?

In 2018 MLB apparently plans to implement a universal code of conduct for fans at games. So they didn’t already have one?

BWI Airport was evacuated after a man indicated to authorities that there was a bomb in his luggage. No explosives were found. Are they sure he just didn’t mean he had a DVD copy of the newest Pirates of the Caribbean movie?


US State Dept Travel advisory now includes Quintana Roo – the Cancun/Cozumel/Plaza del Carmen area, saying that while crime is generally gang related, the area can be dangerous for “innocent bystanders.”   Waiting for other countries to warn  their travelers the same about USA.

So who’s going to play #LouiseLinton on Saturday Night Live this fall?

Cops called when Gosselins fought over kids at dentist. Hard to believe not that long ago Jon & Kate were 2 of most embarassing folks in US.


Afghanistan is ‘easy to march into, hard to march out of.'” Alexander the Great, 330 BC #definitionofinsanity @realDonaldTrump


Rolling Stones tell Trump to stop using “You can’t always get what you want,” he ignores them again. Where’s good lawyer when you need one?

Trump accuses media of “trying to take away our history and our heritage.” Uh, who’s “our”, orange man?

For all those who wondered how long the lastest “new” Trump would last after Monday night’s speech, the answer – until they took away his teleprompter.

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2 Comments on “If at first…”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    DJ plans to pardon Sheriff Joe are in place. He is also considering a 2 for 1 deal by granting Emperor Hirohito a pardon as well; so he and President Abe can have seconds on more “Beautiful Chocolate Cake” at Mar-a-Lago. You know there was violence on both sides in 1942, but some of those pilots flying Japanese Zeros into Pearl Harbor were “fine people, not all of them were Nazis”.

  2. TC in BC Says:

    Breaking News: All Trump Hotels and properties to be heated by coal by Nov 1.

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