Winter is coming, but isn’t fall coming first?

Is it un-American not to care about Game of Thrones? Asking for a friend.

SF Giants are having a Game of Thrones night Thursday.  Giants fans would like offense to stop regularly having Night of the Living Dead nights.


Executive V.P. Billy Beane says Oakland plans to rebuild & be competitive when A’s have new ballpark. Will it be named “Flying Pig” field?

Jeff Samardzija is rumored to be on trade block. Were those 7 runs on 2 home runs in four innings today his way of telling team he’d rather stay in San Francisco?

Roger Federer, 35, won Wimbledon this year without losing a set. Imagine how good he’ll be when he really hits his prime.

Houston Texans rookie RB D’Onta Foreman was arrested in Austin this morning and charged with marijuana possession and unlawful carrying of a firearm. Shocking, there’s a way to illegally carry a gun in Texas?

An Allegiant Airline flight from Florida to Indiana had to turn around after its air conditioning malfunctioned. The horror – they couldn’t charge an air conditioning surcharge.

Cruz’s Trumpcare amendment is like car insurance that in case of a major injury accident would cover new tires and some Band-aids.

Forget how long until Trump’s travel expenses eclipse Obama’s. How long until Trump’s LEGAL expenses eclipse Obama’s travel expenses?

Media, FBI, CIA, CBO, Secret Service… pretty sure only people Trump trusts are related to him. And he’s not sure about Tiffany.

Trump maintains no one told him about Russia meeting. But if they didn’t think it was illegal, why WOULDN’T they tell him?

Lawyer Jay Sekulow on Russia meeting “if this was nefarious, why Secret Service allowed these people in” He means Trump himself attended?

So did @realDonaldTrump notice at #USWomensOpen at his golf club, not a US woman in the top ten? #MAGA?

Would be childish to say of course #AnnCoulter was upset w/ Delta for seat change, even their extra legroom doesn’t compare to her broom.

Just wondering, if Ann Coulter is so successful and is selling so many books, why was she flying coach in the first place?


As Ann Coulter fans rant, waiting for new @Delta ad. “Fly with us to experience a far-right free zone.”

California Congressman Ted Lieu with a bid to win the internet this week.  “For Made in America week, let’s remember that Nixon used American labor to steal from DNC. He didn’t outsource it to the Russians.”


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4 Comments on “Winter is coming, but isn’t fall coming first?”

  1. Dennis Mar Says:

    Re: Ted Lieu — The Watergate burglary is also a pro-immigrant event since Virgilio González and Eugenio Martínez were born in Cuba and immigrated to the U.S.

  2. Marty Robinson Says:

    Call me un-American if you must; don’t give a rip about “Game of thrones” don’t have HBO, have never seen one episode of it or of the other famous HBO series that were much talked about.

  3. TC in BC Says:

    “Made in America” week reminds me of a time when: Anything that was Made in Japan or Made in China was considered “Cheap”. The quality is still the same today, but if you can brand it “Trump” and make 750 to 3000% profit on the same junk.

    That sound you hear is Hypocrites rolling over in his grave.

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