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Saturday night’s not all right.

July 15, 2017

‘At least not after the All-Star break for SF Giants fans.    Last year at this time was the infamous Casilla “balk-off” win,  after Giants had 2 run lead in the 10.   Tonight, “only” a walk-off home run, almost to the third deck.

Though on  a more positive note –  what was a bigger miracle tonight? #MadisonBumgarner back on the mound? Or the #SFGiants scoring twice in the first inning?

Former Penn State VP Gary Schultz and athletic director Tim Curley began their jail sentences today for not doing anything when they were told in 2001 that Jerry Sandusky was showering with a boy.
“I feel so sorry for them” said nobody.

WR Darren Carrington II, whose dad played 8 years in the NFL, and was a promising star at Oregon, has been dismissed from the football team after a DUI arrest when he allegedly hit a pole at a McDonald’s in Eugene at 3:15am earlier this month.
Wonder which SEC team will be the first to offer him another chance.

Does anyone think that @realDonaldTrump could name a woman competing at the #USWomensOpen?

United Airlines apparently made a mistake during a Denver layover and sent rapper ScHoolboy Q’s dog to Chicago instead of Burbank. On the bright side, the dog is still alive.

#AWrinkleInTime movie comes out in March. How many are like me both in being really excited & thinking Disney better not screw this up?

In Redwood City, California, a man left the engine running while fueling a Lamborghini Countach at a gas station. Can we give Darwin awards for incinerating a car?

Rant time. The wait for an interview for Global Entry, which costs $100 and helps US travelers go more quickly through customs and immigration, is now 6 months at San Francisco.
Forget the wall, can’t we spend money to hire people to speed the process, and free up immigration officers to have more time they don’t have to spend with US business people and tourists?


As #AnnCoulter vents about @Delta, airline has to wish flight crew had behaved in a more image-boosting way – as in dragging her off plane.


Kellyanne Conway “criticism of me is so gender-biased.”  And how many women are thinking that only gender solidarity biases them from saying “you stupid b*tch.”

Trump wants his travel ban to continue to exclude grandparents. Makes some sense, anyone really think he can name his grandchildren?

So now right-wing media are claiming the Russian meeting with Don Jr, Kushner, Manafort etc was part of a Democratic trap to entrap Trump’s campaign.
Right, such a carefully crafted trap they waited until 8 months after the election to spring it.


Wishing John McCain a full recovery from emergency eye surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix.  But so, a man who had a blood clot found and removed because he has some of the best healthcare available will miss now a vote that may doom a measure planning to take healthcare from millions of Americans.

Mean bitch karma also wishes McCain well but has to be smiling.


Rubbed raw?

July 15, 2017

So what’s a few blisters and pitchers on the DL. Because chicks still dig the long ball. Right, @MLB commissioner Manfred?


Venus Williams, 37, could win 6th #Wimbledon title. If Roger Federer, 35, wins too,  will she be accused in the Champions Dance of cradle-robbing?

Floyd Mayweather in latest rant against Conor McGregor used anti-gay slur. As if we needed more reason w/ pay-per-view to “just say no.”

Lots of blisters this year for #MLB pitchers, and many say that part of the problem is that the ball is different. But hey, why would anyone think the league doesn’t have its players’ long term health and well being at heart?


In the #couldbeworse department for SF Giants, the Red Sox have DFA’ed  Pablo Sandoval.  After the 2014 season,  Giants had matched Boston’s 5 year, $90 million offer.

So forget politics, let’s get a real argument going – should the SF Giants pick up Pablo Sandoval since the Red Sox are paying his salary?
My personal thought, since they’re probably trading Nunez, and if Panda’s willing to make a statement that he said some stupid things when he left, why not? Could add some fun to a lost season. Though I wouldn’t make it a long experiment if things didn’t work out quickly.

#Honolulu high-rise fire in a condo complex Friday night built before sprinklers were mandated killed at least three & injured dozens of others. But hey, let’s elminate those pesky regulations.



So will @realDonaldTrump tell the winner of the #USWomensOpen this Sunday “You’re in such great shape”?

Trump told Brigitte Macron “you’re in such good shape.” Melania speaks French, wonder what she might have quietly told Emmanuel about her husband.

Wouldn’t it be faster for everyone in the Trump administration who HASN’T met secretly with Russians to come forward?


From TC  “Once again the MLB All-Star Game was a meaningless affair — just like this weekend’s series between the Mariners and the White Sox.”

Of course, for that matter, substitute Padres and Giants.