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On the other foot?

July 8, 2017

Lonzo Ball had a really lousy NBA summer league debut; can we blame it on the shoes?

Victoria Azarenka has advanced to the 4th round at Wimbledon. Azarenka gave birth to her 1st child in December  2016. Four words “Weaker sex my ass.”

Apparently some Dak Prescott-autographed sports cards “may not be authentic” as they appear to have been signed by a machine. The Cowboys are just happy that an embarrassing headline involving one of their players doesn’t involve an arrest.

Houston signed to $228 million extension, largest contract ever. Plus he’ll still be able to plan on having June off.

What’s in it for fans?  As all of these NBA players sign record contracts at least they’ll have the opportunity to cry in $20 arena beers.

A Tampa man was taken into custody after assaulting a flight attendant on a Delta flight from Seattle to Beijing. Once again time to play that game “terrorism” or “just Florida?”

Florida man who allegedly assaulted a Delta flight attendant was traveling on “dependent” pass. And they kicked girls off United for wearing leggings


That moment when President of United States says he doesn’t believe his own intelligence services but DOES believe President of Russia.

Trump says he is “going to London.” Right about when he releases his tax returns.

2 more Americans gored today at Pamplona. Ah for those innocent days when bull-runners were the most embarrassing people US sent aboard.

If Putin actually said “Sure, we meddled in 2016, Hillary Clinton would’ve been disaster,” guessing many Trump voters would go “Ok, thanks.”

Before Trump’s tweet, wonder how many G-20 attendees actually knew who John Podesta was?


What is this  problem with Ivanka Trump temporarily sitting in her father’s chair at the G-20 summit?  I’m sure  no one would’ve had an issue if it were President Hillary Clinton and Chelsea….

Remember days when we worried that electing Clinton or Bush would make USA look like banana republic w/ family dynasties? #Ivanka #G20

Suppose as @realDonaldTrump shows us again he trusts Ivanka more than actual experts, US should be glad at least he doesn’t have 10 kids.