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July 10, 2017


SF Giants and Mets fans know for certain their team will not disappoint them this week. At least until Friday night.

Pretty sure that when SFGiants looked ahead in April to goals after the All-Star break “catching the Padres” was not one of them.

But seriously, who knew the Giants and Mets would make SF and NY fans look forward to the 49ers’ and Jets’ seasons?

Chris Christie apparently got into it with a caller who called him “a rude word”  during a guest host spot on sports talk  radio.   Although seriously, President, not so much, but the New Jersey governor does seem made for his own sports talk show.   #ratings


There is speculation that the next iPhone might cost over $1,200. For that price maybe it can do medical diagnoses for those who can’t afford healthcare?

It’s early in the NBA summer league but Lonzo Ball already has a groin injury. Maybe he should switch shoes?

Two new major studies, one in Britain, one in the USA, independently have found consuming up to three cups a day reduces the risk of an early death.  In part because this lessens the chance of killing someone in the morning because they annoy you?

Kellyanne Conway to @CNN “I wish I could quit you.”

For all worries about keeping Pres. Trump off his phone, who knew that @DonaldJTrumpJr might be the one who brings the House of Cards down?

Can’t wait to hear what Donald Trump Jr.’s third version of his meeting with Russian lawyer is.

At what point does @realDonaldTrump run out of busses to throw people under?

Meanwhile Vice President Pence joked that he disobeyed a NASA sign saying “Do Not Touch” because Marco Rubio dared him to touch the equipment.

Make America Eight Years Old Again?

If you don’t get this you are probably over 40 without children or grandchildren.