Rubbed raw?

So what’s a few blisters and pitchers on the DL. Because chicks still dig the long ball. Right, @MLB commissioner Manfred?


Venus Williams, 37, could win 6th #Wimbledon title. If Roger Federer, 35, wins too,  will she be accused in the Champions Dance of cradle-robbing?

Floyd Mayweather in latest rant against Conor McGregor used anti-gay slur. As if we needed more reason w/ pay-per-view to “just say no.”

Lots of blisters this year for #MLB pitchers, and many say that part of the problem is that the ball is different. But hey, why would anyone think the league doesn’t have its players’ long term health and well being at heart?


In the #couldbeworse department for SF Giants, the Red Sox have DFA’ed  Pablo Sandoval.  After the 2014 season,  Giants had matched Boston’s 5 year, $90 million offer.

So forget politics, let’s get a real argument going – should the SF Giants pick up Pablo Sandoval since the Red Sox are paying his salary?
My personal thought, since they’re probably trading Nunez, and if Panda’s willing to make a statement that he said some stupid things when he left, why not? Could add some fun to a lost season. Though I wouldn’t make it a long experiment if things didn’t work out quickly.

#Honolulu high-rise fire in a condo complex Friday night built before sprinklers were mandated killed at least three & injured dozens of others. But hey, let’s elminate those pesky regulations.



So will @realDonaldTrump tell the winner of the #USWomensOpen this Sunday “You’re in such great shape”?

Trump told Brigitte Macron “you’re in such good shape.” Melania speaks French, wonder what she might have quietly told Emmanuel about her husband.

Wouldn’t it be faster for everyone in the Trump administration who HASN’T met secretly with Russians to come forward?


From TC  “Once again the MLB All-Star Game was a meaningless affair — just like this weekend’s series between the Mariners and the White Sox.”

Of course, for that matter, substitute Padres and Giants.

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One Comment on “Rubbed raw?”

  1. Neal Says:

    So forget politics, let’s get a real argument going – should the SF Giants pick up Pablo Sandoval since the Red Sox are paying his salary?…

    Break out those panda hats!

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