Finding his level?

Tim Tebow had 1st walk-off home run for St. Lucie Mets. So he’s on his way to being a solid minor league caliber player in baseball as well as football.

Not a boxing fan so try to pay little attention.    But just realized we have almost a month and a half of pre-fight Mayweather-McGregor headlines?

A reporter questioning Andy Murray after his loss at Wimbledon described Sam Querrey as “first U.S. player to reach a major semi-final since 2009.”
Murray immediately interrupted and said “male player.”
Sir Andy may have lost in this tournament, but guessing he picked up a lot of new female fans.

A tourist died on Malo Beach in St. Maarten when a jet blast knocked her backwards onto rocks. She had climbed onto a fence, despite warning signs. to watch the plane take off. The island’s head of tourism said he had “met with the family of the deceased this evening and while they recognized that what they did was wrong, through the clearly visible danger signs, they regret that risk they took turned out in the worst possible way.”

Wonder if they’ll send her body home with a nice shiny Darwin award.

(The woman who died was from New Zealand.  Good thing for St. Maarten she was not American.  Her family would have probably sued the country for not building walls or fences high enough to keep her out of harm’s way.)

Richard Sherman says NFL players need to be be “willing to strike” to get the kind of contracts the NBA and MLB has. When his skills drop off a bit this should make Sherman about as popular a free agent as Colin Kaepernick.

At Paris De Gaulle airport. United’s catering headquarters caught fire and burned Thursday morning, resulting in flights having to depart largely without onboard meals. But really, couldn’t they have just claimed all meats were being served extra well-done?


Missing those days when you could get on a ten hour flight without WiFi and not worry the World would fall apart before you landed.

Air Force One touched down Thursday morning in Paris. No doubt Trump would proclaim it as equivalent to D-day. If he knew what D-day was.

Trump – “France helped us secure our independence. A lot of people forget.” Now they & Frederick Douglass are being recognized more & more?

Trump on Don Jr’s Russia meeting about Hillary -nothing out of the ordinary because “Politics is not the nicest business in the world.”
Okay, then, this means if some other foreign government officials have info on him, it’s okay for them to approach Democrat candidates in 2020?


Trump is now saying his proposed border wall needs to be transparent. “You have to be able to see through it” for “when they throw large sacks of drugs over.”

And so you can watch out not only for illegal immigrants, but those potential school-attacking grizzly bears?

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