Not fit to be tied.

Last night’s All-Star game went 10 innings.  Note to Bud Selig.  Having it count wouldn’t have made it faster.


During tonight’s All-Star game Nelson Cruz walked to the plate, pulled a phone out of his pocket and had Yadier Molina take a photo of him with umpire Joe West.
Out of habit, Roger Goodell fined him.


NBA to decrease timeouts per game from 18 to 14; limit them in last 2 min of game to 2 per team. So last mins of game will only take 1/2 hr?

Possible trade of Carmelo Anthony to the Rockets? Could be great news, for the Spurs and Warriors.

So who figured that at #Wimbledon there’d be a British woman in the semi-finals but not a British man?

Scary. An Air Canada flight apparently almost landed on a taxi-way instead of a runaway last Friday night at SFO, and could have crashed into one or more of four planes lined up waiting to take off. The FAA is investigating and Air Canada is basically saying “no comment.”
Good thing this wasn’t a US airline -they’d have charged passengers an excitement fee.

GOP leaders who repeatedly say how “disturbed” and “upset” they are with Trump then go back to business as usual starting to remind me of parents whose kids roll their eyes KNOWING they won’t be disciplined.

I’m sure if Chelsea Clinton had met with a Canadian reporter who promised dirt on Trump the GOP would also dismiss it as a “nothing burger.”

Does anyone seriously think @realDonaldTrump has read any of the history of Salem? #realwitchhunt

Trump doesn’t watch TV much like most Americans men used to read Playboy for the articles.

Massive iceberg  breaks away from Antarctica – I can’t be only one thinking wistfully  that this would have been a potential setup to a great  President Hillary Clinton  is cold  joke.


Florida story alert: A man was arrested in Key West after a traffic stop when police noticed a heavier-than-usual Cookie Monster stuffed toy was stuffed with more than a half pound of cocaine.
Truly shocking. Shouldn’t a Cookie Monster toy be stuffed with marijuana?

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