There goes the Judge


MLB commissioner Rob Manfred – NY’s Aaron Judge “can become the face of the game.” Yankees fans are going, “You mean he isn’t already?

Of course, when it’s the All-Star game and baseball still isn’t among the top ESPN stories except for Michael Jordan joining a group bidding on the Marlins…. maybe Manfred has more important things to worry about?

Buffalo Bills DL Adolphus Washington arrested this weekend for allegedly carrying a concealed gun at a water park near Cincinnati. Well, yeah, those kids in line for the best rides can get scary.


Okay, I actually like Steve Kerr but he’s comparing Kevin Durant to Tim Duncan after KD took only $53 million to stay with Golden State. Uh, yeah, Duncan did take reduced money. He also didn’t leave the Spurs for the Lakers or Bulls to pick up more rings.

A Pew poll found 58% of Republicans & Republican-leaning independents now say that colleges &and universities have a negative effect on the country, compared to 72% of Dems & Dem-leaners. Yeah, damn that education, without it GOP would have a bigger majority.

An Air Canada flight apparently almost landed on a taxi-way instead of a runaway last Friday night at SFO, and could have crashed into four planes  lined up waiting to take off.  The FAA is investigating and Air Canada is basically saying “no comment.”

Good thing this wasn’t a US airline -they’d have charged passengers an excitement fee.

So will this be the first witch hunt in history that actually catches witches?

At this point lawyers looking for work have to start looking at the White House like miners looked at California during the Gold Rush.

So who knew Tiffany might turn out to be the smart one?

Donald Trump Jr’s lawyer says his meeting w/ russian lawyer “Much ado about nothing.” Shakespeare’s play by that name ended up famous too.

There are moments that when by comparison Watergate feels like a “nothing burger.”

No tweets from @realDonaldTrump on Russia today. I wonder why?

Trump – “My son is a high quality person & I applaud his transparency.” Wouldn’t transparency have been reporting Russian meeting in 1st place?

So maybe emails WILL turn out to be the biggest story of the 2016 Presidential campaign after all?


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