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Dropping the balls.

April 28, 2017

Nike, Under Armour and Adidas have all said they are not interested in a deal with Lonzo Ball. His dad Lavar is making Marv Marinovich look good.

Roger Goodell says the NFL sees no medical marijuana benefits,” and that pot “may not be healthy for players long-term.”  Was he speaking on way to league cocktail party?


Wizards and Celtics win, Jazz and Clippers go to game seven.   Although it does seem this NBA post-season that a lot of teams are spending a lot of energy to get smashed by the Warriors and Cavaliers.

New Bears QB Mitch Trubisky was greeted with some boos when he showed up at the Celtics-Bulls game in Chicago. Who did they think he was, Jay Cutler?

Leonard Fournette just said successful rookie season w/ Jaguars would be “going to Super Bowl.” So in his contract will Fournette demand tickets?

Florida-born Christian Arroyo, just called up this week,  hits game winning home run for SF Giants.  So add to team menagerie think we have a #BabyGator

Story has emerged that Reuben Foster was on phone with the Saints who planned to pick him at #32, when the 49ers picked him at #31. So prepare for New Orleans stories of “the one that got away” or “dodged that bullet.”

Ann Coulter spoke tonight in Modesto, and protests were peaceful.   Have to wonder, did Coulter cancel her speech in Berkeley not because it would have been interrupted by protesters, but because no one might have cared?

Bright side for liberals upset at Obama’s getting $400,000 for speeches as ex-president. Maybe such easy money will prompt Trump to resign?

Trump at NRA convention “The eight-year assault on your Second Amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end.”
Right, now that the “Obama will take your guns away” threat is gone, will Trump also take credit for layoffs at gun manufacturers and gun shops due to plummeting sales?

Tillerson wants to eliminate 2,300 State Dept jobs next year. But presumably they can all be re-employed in coal industry? #JobsJobsJobs!


Now, John Elway said he’d play baseball if he were drafted by the Colts. But other than that, anyone remember a player making a speech saying he was anything but happy to be a member of fill-in-the-blank NFL team?

A anti-“liquor wall” bill, pushed heavily by stores like Walmart. just passed the Florida legislature. This would end a rule that requires liquor to be sold separately from groceries and other retail items.
Great. So now Floridians can buy booze with their guns, what could possibly go wrong?

Trump appointed Charmaine Yoest, former president of “Americans United for Life” as assistant secretary of public affairs at HHS. Yoest is a staunch opponent of abortion and Planned Parenthood.
Look, nobody is “Pro-abortion,” but I would take some of these so-called “Pro-life” people more seriously if they also supported efforts to reduce unwanted pregnancies.