Those were the days….


Miss good old days when sleeping late Sat. this time of year meant only craziness you might miss involved March Madness #TrumpTower #wiretap


Ah for the days when the most hate you could see on a March saturday was just Duke vs. NC.

Remember when the most trouble we could imagine a President could get into with a smartphone was Bill Clinton sexting?

At least some things don’t changed. The Spurs have clinched their 20th straight playoff berth.


Warriors have lost two regular season games in a row. Fortunately there’s a cure for that – it’s called “Playing the Knicks.”

Do Trump supporters now think Obama learned how to do wiretapping in Kenya?


Not sure if there’s Colin Powell equivalent in Moscow. But watching Trump & US, wonder what Russian is for “you break it you buy it.

ABC News is reporting Trump went “ballistic” over Sessions’ recusal. Compared to normal, how could they tell?

“the very sacred election process” Does anyone believe @realDonaldTrump tweeted that with a straight face? #wiretap



How long has it been since most of America was so eagerly awaiting an @SNL cold open? Thanks @realDonaldTrump


But let’s be serious for a minute. If anyone who is undocumented is a victim of a crime, sees a crime, or even hears of a potential crime, what possible reason now do they have to come forward to talk to the police?

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3 Comments on “Those were the days….”

  1. Don Sherman Says:

    It is time not to investigate Russia involvement in the last election, but to investigate Trumps’ mental health.

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