Not quite winning.

Boston Celtics were up two with six seconds to go  against Phoenix and ended up losing by 6.    Are we sure PriceWaterhouseCooper wasn’t somehow involved?

Need any more illustration why baseball is the best sport? Draymond Green is unhappy with the Knicks, because they didn’t play music for the 1st half of todays game against the Warriors. He thought “it changed everything.” And it “was completely disrespectful to… all these people who’ve done these things to change the game from an entertainment perspective.”

Redskins owner Dan Snyder gave coach Jay Gruden a two-year contact extension. Because Snyder figured he couldn’t get anyone else to take on the mess?


Wondering if about now FBI director Comey is regretting making Trump President?

The long Bay Area nightmare is over: Warriors two game losing streak ends thanks to the Knicks.


Trump doubling down on his Obama #wiretap accusations. Did no one tell him the term #MarchMadness was already taken?

Time to send every Republican in Congress a copy of “The Emperor has no Clothes?”

Press Secretary Spicer on Twitter -“Reports concerning potentially politically motivated investigations immediately ahead of the 2016 election are very troubling.”

Did he type that with a straight face?

#FakeRussiaFacts Russians taught Obama how to do wiretapping when he was growing up in Kenya.


Trump didn’t attend the Gridiron Dinner last night, but VP Pence did. And Senator Jodi Ernst said that Pence was “one heartbeat away from being the second most-powerful person in the country’ – behind Steve Bannon.
So will Trump now condemn Ernst for the leak?


If #BreitbartNews wrote that moon was made of green cheese, Trump would tweet accusations that Obama stole the cheese for his omelet

A Sikh working on his car in his driveway near Seattle was shot by a white man who yelled “Go back to your own country.” Where’s the outraged Trump tweet on this one?

#MarcoRubio on Trump’s wiretap claims “I have no insight into what exactly he’s referring to…” You had me at “I have no insight..



So will there be a future comedy movie about Trump administration – “Moscow on the Potomac?”

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2 Comments on “Not quite winning.”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    Hey Janice: I was gonna call you today to arrange for my vacation,but cancelled when I heard that Barack O had tapped your phone. In the history of world wide travel agencies, this has to be unpresidented.

  2. TC in BC Says:

    hahahaha, Someone posted, “Why would you want to wiretap DJ Dumpkoff? Just follow him on Twitter!!!”

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