No looking back.

 It could be worse for #USA in #WorldCup. We could be a country that cares about being eliminated for more than 5 minutes. #England, #Spain, #Chile


So the USA lost again Tuesday. That means we advance again, right? #WorldCup

A nice win for Belgium. So Americans will have to go back to wasting time at work by looking at cat videos. #WorldCup

Now that we are out of #WorldCup maybe #SFGiants will stop emulating #TeamUSA and start scoring.?


A new Florida Gators calendar is out, and Mr. July is…. Aaron Hernandez. Yikes. Apparently the pictures had to be approved in Spring, 2013. Well, it does mean the most embarrassing NFL picture on the calendar isn’t of Tim Tebow.

Rolando McClain retired from the NFL in April, saying “Now I know God has something else planned for me and that my life is bigger than football.” Now he’s un-retired and signed with Dallas.  So what,  McClain is now trying to say that he thinks God is a Cowboys fan?

A federal appeals court has agreed to reconsider Barry Bonds’ felony conviction for obstruction of justice. Wonder what happens if Bonds incorporates himself and says the “cream and the clear” were part of his religion?

Not that it will ever happen, but if teams in the #WorldCup knockout round had to win by 2, like in tennis, and if they had to keep playing until that happened, the games might be a lot more watchable. IMHO.

So the FTC claims T-Mobile added bogus overcharges to customers’ bills. As opposed to T-Mobile’s legitimate overcharges?

The Los Angeles City Attorney’s office announced after a “long review” that Aldon Smith will not be charged after being arrested for allegedly making a fake bomb threat at LAX this April. So where’s the disclaimer – “Professional athlete, do not attempt.”

A federal judge ruled today that same-sex couples have a right to marry in Kentucky. Kind of puts a new slant on sisterhood and brotherhood.

So the news that some of us may have been amongst the 700,000 guinea pigs in a FB experiment of either skewing new feeds positively or negatively is not thrilling. But then there’s the question – what other FB experiments do we not yet know about?

Serena Williams is gone, Maria Sharapova is gone. This potential women’s Wimbledon is shaping up to have all the ratings draw of a Tiger-less golf tournament.

Some statements just cannot be topped with a punchline. Monica Lewinsky, talking about the Starr report and the media “I was a virgin to humiliation.”


From T.C’ “Wednesday’s water cooler hot topic will be the US Soccer team’s World Cup loss to Belgium. Of course 99.9% of those asked if they watched the game will respond “No”.”



Political thoughts, anyone not interested can stop reading now. But.


Have to wonder with the Hobby Lobby decision, how would Sandra Day O’Connor have voted, as opposed to her replacement Samuel Alito? (Who says I never say anything nice about Ronald Reagan?)


Here’s one of many frustrating things about #SCOTUS decision. Good people can disagree on abortion. (And I am one who thinks it should be between a woman, her doctor and her God if she has one.). But the Hobby Lobby ruling is about four types of contraception they believe to be abortion. But many scientists would say otherwise.. Plan B is simply a large dose of birth control pills and may prevent ovulation,. The copper in the IUD is toxic to sperm and may prevent fertilization…. But hey, why should science enter into this when it’s a morality play?

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6 Comments on “No looking back.”

  1. Dan Denison Says:

    I like your “win by two” suggestion to make World Cup soccer more watchable. I suggest you enhance it with the introduction of a shot clock, enforced with a free kick for the opposition from midfield. The defensive preamble of 0-0 ties for long periods as the lesser team hopes for the lottery ticket of penalty kicks, reminds me of college basketball before the introduction of a shot clock. That solution worked wonders there.

    • thanks dan. The early round games are more watchable, but it seems like all these knockout rounds go 0-0 for a 90 minute game of keep away. Shot clock would help too. Even Dean Smith has to be thinking “BOR-Ing.”

  2. TC in BC Says:

    It will be verrrrry interesting if Germany plays Argentina in the World Cup semi finals. How many Nazi war criminals will come out of hiding and who will they be rooting for?

    (they can’t face each other in the finals as they are in the same bracket)

  3. TC in BC Says:

    *Correction: my bad…. Germany can face Argentina in the finals.

  4. TC in BC Says:

    Cubs 16; Red Sox 9. Boston doesn’t need hitting, they need Tom Brady!!!!

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