Shopping for a Cup?


Saturday night in the World Cup – Nigeria vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina. “I’ll take “Two countries most Americans couldn’t find on a map for $600, Alex.”

If #USA plays their next two games to 0-0 ties, they advance in the #WorldCup. And some say baseball can be boring.



Amazing how many people who can tell you the exact details of what must happen for the U.S. to advance in the #WorldCup couldn’t give you the names of two players on the team.

Gold medalist soccer star Hope Solo has been arrested and held without bail for alleged domestic-violence assault. Who says women athletes will never be the equals of men?

Alex Rodriguez has dropped his malpractice lawsuit against Yankees doctor “for the sole purpose of having no legal distractions” as he hopes to play again for the team in 2015. So no “legal” distractions. Over-under on other types of distractions?

In Boston they’ve got to be thinking “Thank Heaven for Tampa Bay. The Rays might be the only reason the Red Sox don’t complete the “worst to first to worst” loop this year.’


When a Georgia man was arrested for swimming naked he told the arresting officer he was “not a threat to society” and to “check out his Youtube channel.” When the policeman eventually did, he saw videos that showed a large pot growing operation. Oops. Arrested again, naturally.


Joe Panik arrived on Saturday afternoon in Arizona to join the #SFGiants. His glove and bats are apparently still “in a connecting city.” First lesson of big league life Joe, your glove fits in the overhead bin…..




Joe Panik. No batting average. 1,000 Obp. Nice start. #sfgiants


Although marijuana is legal in Colorado, Google, Twitter and Facebook do not accept pot ads. Morality issues? Or are they thinking their target audience wouldn’t remember the ads anyway?


The new “Northwest Science Museum Vision Centre, in Boise, Idaho dedicated to creationism, claims Noah took baby dinosaurs onto his ark because the adults would not fit. Your move, Florida


Chris Christie, ranting at the “Faith and Freedom Coalition” conference. “Name me the one pro-life Democrat who has ever been able and allowed to speak at a Democratic National Convention since Roe v. Wade. Don’t strain yourself, because there’s never been one. Theirs is the party that’s intolerant … ” Maybe what Christie meant was “the GOP is the party of memory loss.”



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4 Comments on “Shopping for a Cup?”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Chris Christie’s staff is far too busy being, you know, indicted and stuff, to do five minutes of research? The “No Pro-Life Dems” shibboleth resurfaces! I thought it went away at the turn of the century. How his staffers must hate him!

  2. Gary M Says:

    “Amazing how many people who can tell you the exact details of what must happen for the U.S. to advance in the #WorldCup couldn’t give you the names of two players on the team.”

    Since 2 of the US world cup players are from the Seattle Sounders, I can name…1.

    Would it be appropriate to begin a Kick-start campaign to raise bail for Hope Solo?

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