Decision time

Today was Primary voting day in California.  Where a relatively small minority of registered made decison that all Californians need to live with. #voteordontbitch –


You know you’re getting out of the “cool” generation when you see a sign in a foreign city advertising “Arctic Monkeys” and your first thought is “oh, a zoo”

Apparently the Cleveland Indians are charging $3.50 for a cup of ice water at Progressive Field. The general reaction – “That’s appalling.” The Yankees’ reaction -“Why didn’t we think of that?”


– Buffalo Bills DT Marcell Dareus was arrested for the second time in a month, (the first for alleged drug possession), after he was involved in a car accident stemming from an apparent drag race. At one point does the NFL start instituting suspensions for pure stupidity?

#DanMarino withdrewg his name from a lawsuit against the NFL over concussions. Wonder how many potential rea$on$ the #NFLNetwork gave him?


Jack Phillips, a Colorado bakery owner, who says he is a devout Christian, says he will no longer make ANY wedding cakes after his state’s Civil Rights Commission ordered him to start baking for same-sex couple, saying “We would close down the bakery before we would complicate our beliefs,”

Well I hope before this gay marriage issue came up that Phillips was only making wedding cakes for couples who weren’t having premarital sex and hadn’t been divorced. –


V. Stiviano apparently told police she was assaulted after an exchange of words at a New York hotel, but has not yet filed a complaint and the security video of the incident has not been released. Isn’t Stiviano a few hours past her 15 minutes?

– Stanford’s relatively low-ranked baseball team upset top-seed Indiana with a two-run walk-off home run in the Regionals for the College World Series. After allowing an unearned-run  to fall behind. Maybe this “Torture” stuff in the SF Bay Area is catching.


The NY Mets apparently managed to eat 103 cheesesteaks on their last visit to Philadelphia, a new record for visiting teams. Finally a chance to play “We are the Champions” in the Mets clubhouse. –



If the MLB season ended today, the division champions would be San Francisco, Atlanta, Milwaukee,Toronto, Detroit and Oakland. Meaning the reaction for television executives would be “Thank God for the Wild Cards.”


Regarding the President’s hostage deal, it must kill some Republicans to think of Obama as Reaganesque –


Shoe company Skechers has signed a sponsorship deal with California Chrome. Well, the horse may not have all the qualities of say, an NBA star, but he is likely to have plenty of out-of-wedlock offspring. –


NASCAR driver Joey Logano says he feels “my sport’s a lot safer” than the NFL. Well, not only may Logano be right in term of life or death,, retired NASCAR drivers are a lot likelier to be able to remember being athletes.

Madison Bumgarner was the NL pitcher of the month for May with a 2.08 ERA. You know this year’s SF Giants team is different than recent squads. Because the response upon hearing that ERA would have been “Did he win any games?”


Tweet from Stanford football coach David Shaw. “Facts>Hype Back2Back Pac12 Champs & 100% grad, 4 straight BCS, most 2014 NFL Draft picks in Pac12, most wins vs FBS since 2010. #gostanford” And in the SEC they are thinking “Coach can tweet?”

Lawyers in action? On the back of a Philosophy disposable one-step cleansing cloth (basically a facial wipe) “for external use only.” At least he’s consistent.

Yasiel Puig celebrated his one-year anniversary of joining the LA Dodgers by being late to batting practice. –

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9 Comments on “Decision time”

  1. Gary M Says:

    “Apparently the Cleveland Indians are charging $3.50 for a cup of ice water at Progressive Field…”

    They can get more for water in Cleveland cuz it really is fire water.

  2. Lisa Says:

    How dare you insult the memory of the Greatest President Ever! When he traded for hostages, there were guns and cocaine involved!

      • Lisa Says:

        Am I the only one who is gobsmacked the Oliver North is allowed/paid to comment on this? Dude: you went to jail over trading arms for hostages! Have you read your own memoir? Am I the only one who remembers the ’80s?

        And then I think, shit, sadly, I am.

  3. marc ragovin Says:

    There’s not much the feds can do to Bowe Bergdahl. Can’t send him back and he’s unlikely to be court martialed. But they can still inflict he ultimate penalty: make him get all his medical care at a VA facility.

  4. marc ragovin Says:

    For all those who beliieve that Bowe Bergdahl is being overly glorified after willingly abandoning his unit , bear in mind that he is now entitled to medical care through the VA system. The ultimate irony.

  5. marc ragovin Says:

    Upon being told that he is now eligible for medical care through tthe VA system, Bowe Bergdahl immediately requested to be sent back.

  6. TC in BC Says:

    Following Super Bowl XLIX, the following year will be marketed as Super Bowl 50, using standard numerals. Why did it take them XVIII weeks to come up with this change?

    Btw, The NFL has announced that Super Bowl 50 will be played in the year MMXVI.

    I still say they should have hired porn stars for the half time show in Super Bowl XXX.

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