Cold Comfort Field.


Photo taken 90 minutes before kickoff?   Are these fans brave, or certifiable?

As my friend Scott R. says. “It was so cold, Erin Andrews had clothes on.”


So okay, moving forward:  If SF beats Carolina, and New Orleans beats Seattle, then the NFC championship will be at Candlestick. Which means for a week all 49ers fans are welcome on the Saints bandwagon. We’ve got beads. #Geauxsaints

Thought after watching the Packers-49ers. When the refs are in “let them play” mode, it’s amazing how the missed calls are only the plays that go against YOUR team. #SFvsGB

Nissan commercial “Fantasy, do not attempt. Cars can’t jump on trains.” Really?! And how many viewers just had their bucket list dreams dashed?

Saddest people who watched Sunday’s Bengals meltdown against the Chargers?  (Other than fans in Cincinnati?)  Pittsburgh Steelers fans.


But good line from my friend T.C.  “Pittsburgh Steelers fans are just elated that Andy Reid can “sit” his entire team next Sunday.” #byeweeksareoverrated

Dennis Rodman finally recruited some former NBA players to play an exhibition game in North Korea. Well, it could be the adventure of a lifetime? Or if they win, at least the last adventure of their lifetimes.


Now it appears that the story about Kim Jong-Un having his uncle fed to 120 starving dogs may have originated with an Onion-like satiric tweet. But if it’s not true, the North Korean leader may be well thinking “Thanks for the idea.”

A Delta flight slipped off the runway today and was stuck in the snow for an hour. Coming soon, an airline snow tire fee?

The NFL at its finest. Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch was fined $50,000 last week — for not talking. The league requires players talk to the media, and Lynch hadn’t done so all season, which the NFL didn’t find out about until he briefly spoke to reporters this week. Have to wonder, how many fines might Marshawn have had if he shot off his mouth every week?


In the NFC, the 3 and 4 are gone, the 5 and 6 play on. Who seeded this conference, the BCS?


So after starting a war within the GOP and even her own family, Liz Cheney is dropping out of the Wyoming Senate race she only entered six months ago. Wonder how long it will take her aborted campaign to get an endorsement from Sarah Palin?

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One Comment on “Cold Comfort Field.”

  1. Neal Says:

    As my friend Scott R. says. “It was so cold, Erin Andrews had clothes on.”

    LOL! Great!

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