Move over grumpy cat.




The holidays are over, it’s back to work, and how about those NFL seedings?



Gosh. Nick Saban and Urban Meyer have both lost their BCS bowls. “What a shame” said nobody.

Although the happiest  Orange Bowl vIewers tonight? Anyone who bet the over.

All of this talk in the media about what went wrong for Nick Saban and Alabama. Is it just POSSIBLE they played exactly at their level? #SECoverrated

Major mess of a snow day for the first weekend in January in the New York area. So how many of my fellow bus to hell passengers are hoping we have the same weather the first weekend in February?



Paul Walker’s death was sad. But at over 100 mph on city streets, can we chalk it up to another DUIT – Driving Under the Influence of Testosterone?

Houston Texans owner Bob McNair said he is open to trading the team’s #1 pick in the NFL draft. Which is great news – for potential #1 draft picks.



Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston about speculation that FSU coach Jimbo Fisher would leave for Texas saying if if he “goes to Texas, I’m going to ask him can I go with you? Yeah, I’m serious. He’s my coach.” Well, that might add a few millions to the Longhorns’ offer.

Beanie Babies creator Ty Warner, 69, who pleaded guilty to stashing over $100 million in a Swiss Bank account to evade taxes has asked a judge for probation instead of prison, because he “emerged from an unhappy family and a youth devoid of educational advantages to become, through decades of hard work and extraordinary creativity, a self-made American success story.” So what is this – “adult-onset affluenza?”

You think you’re absent-minded. The California winner of the Dec. 17 Mega Millions, half of a $648 million jackpot, apparently is a delivery driver who until earlier this week, forgot he had been in San Jose and bought some tickets that day. (At least he could still find them.)

And re that winner, it’s a safe bet he’s either not married, or didn’t talk to his wife about buying tickets. Because she wouldn’t have forgotten….

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones favors expanded NFL playoffs. How expanded? Presumably just big enough for Dallas to get in every year.




From T.C.   Pope Francis drew a record 6.6 million people to his Vatican events in 2013. This more than double any of his predecessors. “Given numbers like that, there would not be any local TV blackout”, said the NFL.

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