Not a creature was stirring


Well, actually it would be a good time for a stirring mouse.


T’is the season.  (Cats in the picture are Ashton, aka sh*t for brains – and Xena – aka warrior princess – aka voodoo cat.)


Now back to snark.

“He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you’re awake….” So will Edward Snowden’s next attempt for asylum be an offer to some country to divulge the secrets of Santa?

T’is the season for creative Darwin awards. This was another near miss. At the Denver Zoo during the Holiday Lights event, an allegedly drunk woman was rescued from the elephant enclosure after she somehow wandered in and was zapped by an electric fence. The lions are no doubt disappointed she didn’t wander into THEIR enclosure.


Apparently Tony Romo received an epidural after Sunday’s game. Not sure if this will have the Cowboys QB ready to play next week, but maybe it will give him a waiver next year to use some of Manny Ramirez’s female fertility drugs?


Eliot Spitzer and his wife Silda today announced they are ending their 16 year marriage. Based on their business backgrounds and relationship for the past few years this final dissolution must have been decided on based on something deep and important, like 2013 tax returns.



From my funny friend Alex Kaseberg:  For all those who remember the great Johnny Carson.  And even for those who don’t:


Carnac the Magnifigant, envelope to head: “Ho, ho, ho.”  (Rips envelope and pulls out question: “How do you say hello to the Kardashian sisters.”)


Aaron Rodgers is still uncertain if he can play in Green Bay’s game Sunday against the Bears. Maybe this is God’s karmic payback for that “Discount Double Check” commercial?


Mike D’Antoni says if Lakers fans ” are discouraged, then, you know, find another team to root for. ” But gosh, where would fans in the Los Angeles area go to find another decent NBA team?”

Wonder how many people who are screaming about not having enough advance warning to sign up for Obamacare were also rushing around desperately Tuesday trying to finish their Christmas shopping.

Dallas owner and GM Jerry Jones said that Jason Garrett’s is NOT coaching for his job Sunday and that Garrett’s future is ‘bright with the Cowboys.” If true, maybe only because Jones won’t admit he made a mistake hiring the coach in the first place. (And this might be first time this year “bright” and “Cowboys” get used in the same sentence.)

During the SF 49ers’ last night at Candlestick Park there were 81 ejections and 30 arrests. Sounds like an average Giants-Dodgers game at the ‘Stick.

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One Comment on “Not a creature was stirring”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    I don’t mind sitting at the kids table every year, but I refuse to put my wine in a “sippy cup.” Merry Christmas to everyone that celebrates, and for those who don’t, have a Happy Wednesday!

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