What’s in a name?

British trivia for the day: Nice of Kate and William to name their son after his great-grandfather, George VI. Except that King George VI’s real name was Albert Frederick Arthur George. (Really.)

Stay classy Anthony Weiner, His explanation for the latest texts: “It was a terrible mistake that I unfortunately returned to during a rough time in our marriage.” So it’s his WIFE’s fault….


George Alexander Louis. What, they couldn’t think of a third middle name? ‪#‎RoyalBabyNames‬

A thought on the recent Weiner and Geraldo debacle. Anyone else miss the good old days when drunk or stupid dialing just embarrassed you to one other person?

It could be worse, SF Giants fans. The team could have signed Albert Pujols to a $250 million contract.

A new study found that over 200,000 children were injured by falling television sets over the last 20 years. If only those children had been armed.


Newest bumper sticker in New York? “Honk if you’ve seen Anthony’s Weiner?” ‪#‎Anthonyweiner‬

New Southwest‬ cocktail in New York? Just one and you may land flat on your nose.

Carlos Danger, Anthony Weiner…. didn’t those two headline a Chippendales show a decade or so ago?


One thing no one is talking about with the Ryan Braun case: so much for the idea you can always tell a PED user because he will be incredibly large with a big head.


ESPN headline “Sources: A-Rod thinks Yankees against him.” Yo, A-Rod, it’s not just the Yankees.


Bud Selig says now that he is proud of Major League Baseball’s drug program. It’s amazing the man doesn’t have ruptured discs from all the patting he does of his own back.

How bad is it getting for Anthony Weiner. If this keeps up Oscar Mayer is going to sue him for product defamation.

In North Carolina, it will soon become legal to bring guns into bars, and to leave them in cars on college campuses. Well, that should at least cut down on college football players in the state being arrested.

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5 Comments on “What’s in a name?”

  1. Ben Says:

    Anthony Weiner said that he has put it all behind him. Is that anatomically possible?

  2. GaryM Says:

    “George Alexander Louis. What, they couldn’t think of a third middle name?”

    I was hoping they’d go with some genuine royalty: ‘George John Paul Ringo.’

    Or Jordan.

  3. GaryM Says:

    “Newest bumper sticker in New York? “Honk if you’ve seen Anthony’s Weiner?”

    Next week’s top bumper sticker: Honk if you haven’t seen Anthony’s Weiner?

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