It’s an ill wind…

SF  Giants were looking for a way not to lose on the road. Don’t think postponement by tornado was what they had in mind.

The Atlanta Braves are reportedly considering sending B.J. Upton to AAA. Which for Justin Upton puts a whole new spin on “Oh brother, where are thou?”

Due to supposed “changes in the tour’s rehearsal schedule” the July 14th American Idol LIVE! show at Oakland’s Oracle Arena has been cancelled. Thousands of pre-teen girls are heartbroken, thousands of their parents are trying not to admit they are thrilled.

Miami Heat center Chris Andersen was suspended for game 6 against the Indiana Pacers after he body-checked Tyler Hansbrough to the floor in game 5. On a brighter note, Andersen has been offered a tryout by several NHL teams..

(and rumor has it Andersen has also been named an honorary Duke Blue Devil.)

Joran van der Sloot, the #1 suspect in the 2005 probable Aruba murder of Natalee Holloway, is serving time for murder a female student in Peru. And now he’s going to be married in prison to a local woman. Can you say, even if not a smart woman, a really really foolish choice?

Better to be lucky than smart? RB Matt Brown was supposed to sign a contract with Saskatchewan of the CFL. But he forgot his passport had expired and couldn’t board the flight. Before he could fix it the Tampa Bay Bucs offered him a contract. (And no, Brown isn’t from the SEC, he went to Temple.)

Starbucks is going to ban smoking within 25 feet of their stores starting tomorrow. So the only addictive drug allowed anywhere near Starbucks will be their coffee.

(or as several friends pointed out – coffee and SUGAR.)

Dwight Howard now apparently wants to sign with the Houston Rockets. Could be a fine match, Rockets fans already know not to expect anything from their team in the playoffs.

Royals-Cardinals finished Thursday night’s start Friday morning at 314a, after a 4 1/2 hour rain delay.  Then Friday night-Saturday am,  the Toronto Blue Jays and San Diego Padres played 17 innings, and finished after midnight.   There are Hollywood marriages that were shorter than these games.

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