It’s almost over.

Are you ready for some commercials?


Another reason baseball is still the greatest American game: Even with expanded playoffs, no two week delay between the ALCS/NLCS and the World Series.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, rumored to be in line for a Cabinet position, said that he’s “flattered and humbled” by the speculation, but that he is “firmly committed” to staying in Los Angeles and finishing his term. Translation, Obama didn’t ask him.



The inventor of the Etch a Sketch has died. Have to assume Obama sent flowers. Mitt Romney’s advisor saying the campaign was “like an Etch a Sketch, you can shake it up and start all over again” might have won the President a million votes in 2012.

Math joke for the night.  The joke being that this is real:  Great Safeway Club “special” today on “Fancy Feast Appetizers” cat food. Normally 5 for $7, Club Members only pay $1.39 each.

Scandal in the U.K, where Burger King has admitted that some of their burgers contained horsemeat. McDonald’s at least is innocent, as no one has accused their burgers of containing ANY meat.

Nebraska Lt. Gov. Rick Sheehy resigned today, after the Omaha World-Herald reported in the last 4 years he had made over 2,000 late-night telephone calls to 4 women (none of which were his wife) on his STATE-ISSUED CELLPHONE. Forget morals, this guy is too stupid to be in office.



Good news bad news for NFL fans. The bad news, after Sunday there will be no regular season games until Sept 2013. The good news, for the next eight months you don’t have to pretend you like guacamole.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry said that the Boy Scouts of America should not soften its strict policy barring gay members, saying “to have popular culture impact 100 years of their standards is inappropriate.” Popular culture? Guessing Perry wasn’t exactly an avid student of Greek History.


Last thought for the night; if one were to start a rush to catch up on Downton Abbey with several episodes each weekend, it might not take long for cats to rush downstairs when they hear the theme song for lap time. Hypothetically speaking.

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2 Comments on “It’s almost over.”

  1. tc Says:

    Great SB game. both teams played “Lights Out”.

  2. tc Says:

    longest 2 minutes in sports… Alicia Keys singing The Anthem.

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