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December 12, 2012

The date?    Or the total of the Los Angeles Lakers’  scoring not counting Kobe Bryant?

Open note to Los Angeles comics who don’t pay regular attention to the NBA: Take out all your old Lakers and Clippers jokes. Reverse the punchlines. You’ll be fine.

So the Wizards won again, and the Lakers lost to the Cavaliers. What did that Mayan calendar say again?

Three   “words”.   Mike Brown LOL.

A former cast member from A&E’s “Storage Wars” is claiming some of the valuable items found in abandoned storage lockers were planted by the show’s producers. Gosh. Next thing, someone will be casting doubt on the reality of those Housewives.

In the midst of a labor dispute, Cathay Pacific flight crews are threatening that that if the carrier doesn’t negotiate, they may stop serving alcohol and smiling at passengers during the Christmas holidays. In other words, start acting like they work for a U.S. carrier.

Former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue overturned the “bounty gate” suspensions of 4 current and former Saints players. Interesting timing – a couple days after New Orleans was basically eliminated from the playoffs.

Donna Summer, Heart and Randy Newman in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?! Okay, good for them. But if it’s the Disco/Pop Music/Soundtrack Hall of Fame, then it’s time to induct the Carpenters.  (seriously.)

Regarding Congress and the fiscal cliff, apparently a majority of Americans prefer higher taxes. But if they really got an honest answer it might be that 20% want the Dems to win, 10% want the GOP to win, and 70% want all of Congress to go over that cliff together.

Rick Perry this week: “To be clear, my goal is to make abortion, at any stage, a thing of the past.” And this guy was just one, two…, uh, I can’t remember how many reasons away from being the 2012 GOP Presidential nominee.

Gary M,  with some perspective on  Pete Carroll’s great year so far with the Seattle Seahawks,   “At USC he didn’t have to deal with a salary cap.”

Commie pinko thought of the night:  Yeah I know. “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” But people with assault weapons kill a lot more people.