The real magic number…


As in the number of days before we are done with political ads and emails.

Rudy Giuliani called on President Obama to resign over the four American deaths in Libya. Makes sense, after Rudy called on President George W. Bush to resign over 9/11. Oh, wait…. never mind.

Meanwhile,  across the state line,  got to love that American spirit sometimes: N.J. Gov. Chris Christie said Atlantic City’s 12 casinos could reopen immediately after a nearly five-day shutdown for Superstorm Sandy.

Dwayne Wade thought it was inappropriate for the Heat to play the Knicks Friday night at Madison Square Garden. A social conscience? Or a premonition that New York would beat Miami by 20 points?

A  serious thought regarding early voting: Personally, it bothers me when people don’t make an effort either to get to the polls, OR vote absentee. On the other hand, while there may not be a constitutional right to vote early, the founding fathers left voting rights to the states, excluding all but white, male landowners. Times change. So in the end, I come down on the side of making voting as easy as possible.

Montgomery Burns from the Simpsons has endorsed Mitt Romney for President. Hey, some Republicans may hope this offsets the all important Honey Boo Boo endorsement.

The Los Angeles Angels are looking to trade pitcher Dan Haren, and reportedly have interest from both the Red Sox and the Cubs. Sounds like either way, Haren’s likely to keep getting his Octobers off.

In Northern California, Chevron says their Richmond oil refinery, closed since a fire in early August, could be fully operational by March. Which gives them four months to think of another excuse for higher gas prices.

From my friend Jim Barach,   (and a majority of voters polled do expect President Obama to win.)

A study says that who people expect to win an election is more reliable than who they want to win. This has been proven time and again for more than a century by Chicago Cubs fans.

The New York City Marathon has been cancelled for this weekend. One question – what took them so long?

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2 Comments on “The real magic number…”

  1. Lisa Says:

    In defense of in-person early voting: here in OH, poll workers have been trained by Republican groups to deny voters with legit, non-photo IDs on election day; absentee ballots depend on the USPS; I have to work on Tuesday, and can’t spend hours in line. I am voting Sunday, when I can wait in line, and when I can take the time to fight back for my non-photo ID’s legitimacy. Early voting is a demonstrable good in increasing turnout. I wish I had a joke. The difference between an early vote and a vote with an ID the crooked pollworker won’t accept? Provisional ballots were thrown out — actually put in the trash — in OH in the last cycle, and cannot by law be counted until Nov. 17. Love you, SportsBabe, but you’re entirely wrong on this one. I aim to make sure my vote get counted in every way I can make it so. O, wait — I will make the EEEAAARRRLY vote, as Jesse Jackson said of those low-wage workers taking the early bus — is that close enough for a joke?

  2. GaryM Says:

    Anyone else think that Oregon could score 60-80 points per game if they just remembered to bring an extra roll of quarters w/them each week?

    Oregon and USC combined for 113 points this evening. Were they using the metric scale?

    We K-State fans would like someone to beat Oregon, and Stanford seems to be the only opponent left on the schedule who might have a chance…please?

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