Chair man of the bored.

A last thought for the week on the GOP convention. Clint Eastwood’s empty chair got more airtime than Ron Paul.

Any truth to the rumor that Clint Eastwood was briefly detained on his return flight from Tampa for suspiciously talking to his airline seat?

Unfortunate choice of words from a Penn State fullback about Saturday’s game: We “know the power football has to bring people together.”

From Alex Kaseberg:  “New Nike LeBron James shoes cost $300 and come with a built-in IQ test. If you paid $300 for these shoes, you failed.”

(got to wonder, does putting on the shoes give you a sudden desire to move to South Beach?)


USC is being investigated again, this time for two athletes receiving gifts like cars and cars in 2009. Well, hey, with Barkley they may win the national championship and then who cares if the Trojans end up back on probation?


Well, for all those folks who hated the LSU-Alabama game, I think it’s safe to say that we won’t have another Michigan-Alabama rematch in this year’s BCS championship.



Mitt Romney said this weekend that Obama wants to cut a trillion dollars out of the military budget, but that he and Paul Ryan wouldn’t cut it at all.  Guess it’s all part of Mitt’s secret plan to reduce the deficit?


Mitt Romney making sports analogies about firing President Obama as a losing coach. Anyone but me want to hear someone – on camera – ask Romney who his favorite teams are?

Could be another ESPN special.  “The Indecision.”




Dwight Howard just took out an ad in the Orlando Sentinel saying “Words cannot express the love that I have for Orlando.” Most Magic fans could help him with a few words. A few of the printable ones are in “Liar, liar, pants on fire.”


Reverend Sun Myung Moon, 92, died today. The two most common responses in the U.S. – “He was still alive?” And for the younger generation – “Who the heck was Reverend Moon?”



Paul Ryan, who said last week he ran a “two hour and fifty-something” marathon, now admits his time for his one and only marathon was over 4 hours. Gosh, and who would have expected Ryan to stretch the truth?


(Wonder if people first got suspicious when Ryan claimed his running buddy was Chris Christie?)



A 20 year old fan fell to his death from the upper level of the Georgia Dome, following a 25 year old’s death in Reliant Stadium from trying to slide down a 5th floor elevator escalator. Darwinists and lawyers must be very happy.

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3 Comments on “Chair man of the bored.”

  1. Mark Ricklis Says:

    I believe that Willard’s favorite teams are the Saginaw Squirrels (got to appease the home state voters) and the Chattanooga Chipmunks (going for the Southern vote). Both of his favorites -named after the big game that he regularly hunts with his collection of NRA approved weaponry.

  2. Mark Ricklis Says:

    There are tales told of kings who were weighed each year on their birthday and were given their weight in gold. Could this explain New Jersey’s budget woes?

  3. Gary M Says:

    Nittany Lions fans no longer shout, “We are, Penn State!” Now they’re shouting, “We are, State Penn!”

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