Rough week.

Rough week for New York sports fans. The Yankees were eliminated. And the Jets and the Giants both lost. On a more cheerful note, it looks like the Knicks’ season may be cancelled.

Not that things are much happier in Philly. As fans wonder if Michael Vick is entering the “Dog Days” of October.

Denver coach John Fox made fans happy and inserted Tim Tebow into the Broncos game against the the Chargers today. So is it God’s will that Tebow play? Maybe, or maybe God is just thinking “Well, I’m not sure about Tim, but I’ve sure seen enough of Kyle Orton”

The Vikings went up 21-0 in the first quarter against Arizona, and won 34-10. Although worried Minnesota fans at first were just wondering if the team was trying to set an NFL record for the biggest lead that a team could manage to lose.

Realize that Pac 12 football is lightly regarded, still it’s hard to believe crushing Colorado 48-7 was really cause for Stanford being dropped in the polls against Wisconsin. Especially as the Badgers faced the mighty “Bye week.”

If this keeps up the Cardinal could go undefeated and not finish in the top ten.

For the first time in recent memory there is no team from Florida in the AP college football top 25. Shame they aren’t eligible since otherwise the Miami Dolphins might qualify.

Thought after watching the Raiders game: Sebastian Janikowski – the only kicker in the NFL who hits 50 yard chip shots.

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill allowing children age 12 and up to get vaccinated for STDs without their parents’ consent. Well, as a parent I would hope kids wait considerably beyond age 12. But on the other hand, the kids it applies to didn’t need their parents’ consent to become sexually active in the first place

Herman Cain, when asked on CNN about the recent controversy as to whether or not Mitt Romney is a Christian, responded “He’s a Mormon. That much I know. I am not going to do an analysis of Mormonism versus Christianity for the sake of answering that. I’m not getting into that.” Maybe Cain is ready to be president. That answer is on the level of “It depends what the definition of ‘is’ is.”

Meanwhile, in California, Gavin Newsom spoke at a Democratic meeting in Half Moon Bay and criticized President Obama, Jerry Brown and other Democrats for not doing enough to fix the economy. Apparently they didn’t live up to the perfect standards he set as the mayor of San Francisco.

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4 Comments on “Rough week.”

  1. Gary Bachman Says:

    Janice, enjoy reading your blog. Funny stuff!

  2. Gary M. Says:

    Had Dr. Seuss chronicled the Broncos yesterday, he would’ve told us that Tebow got to play because: Orton Hears a Boo.
    A week after 10-month-old Lisa Irwin vanished from her Kansas City home, there are no solid leads.

    Nancy Grace is beside herself. She can’t decide who to blame, Casey Anthony or Amanda Knox.
    In terms of national recognition, Stanford seems to have become the Boise State of the PAC. Once they snuff Nike U., however, they’ll jump up a few spots. (Do Stanford fans dislike ‘Aregon’ as much as Washington fans do?)

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