Returning to the madness.

Many thought unheralded VCU shouldn’t have been chosen for the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.   And now even more people think the Rams were a bad pick – they’re called USC, Georgetown and Purdue fans.

Tiger Woods has a new mobile application called “Tiger Woods: My Swing.” Wonder if it includes the advice, “Your swing will be better if your wife doesn’t catch you swinging?”

Does anyone else find this whole controversy on exactly where and how they give Jared Loughner a sanity test faintly ridiculous? It might affect where Loughner serves his sentence, but how can anyone use the word “sane” for someone who did what he did?

American Idol ‘Motown Records” night with all these young kids is a little odd. Since many of the contestants are in their teens, they aren’t too familiar with the concept of “Motown.” Heck, they aren’t too familiar with the concept of “Records.”

So dozens of “experts” have their picks on,, etc for this weekend’s Sweet Sixteen basketball action. Wonder last week how many of those experts had even two out of three of Richmond, Butler and VCU?

Another thought on NFL replacement players if it comes to that. What about those being paid but not playing…. could fans see the return of JaMarcus Russell?

And without knowing how the Barry Bonds perjury trial will come out, there’s one thing that’s pretty certain – there’s no shortage of jerks on both sides of this case.

While campaigning in Iowa, Michele Bachman referred to judges who overturned the gay marriage law as “black-robed masters,” How come the GOP has such a problem with “activist” judges when they overturn a law conservatives like, but no problem at all if they try to overturn something like Obamacare?

Police with bomb-sniffing dogs met an arriving Philippine Airlines flight late Tuesday night at San Francisco International Airport but didn’t find any explosives. A spokesman said there had been a threatening phone call saying a bomb was on board. Maybe the caller was referring to an inflight showing of “The Last Airbender?”

Donald Trump went on “the View” and asked of President Obama, “Why doesn’t he show his birth certificate?… I want him to show his birth certificate!” Is this all part of the Donald’s campaign to show he is kooky enough to run for the GOP nomination?

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3 Comments on “Returning to the madness.”

  1. I love the studio crew they picked for the half time show. Rick Pitino who was caught in a sordid affair, and Sir Charles who told the cop when he was picked up with a prostitute, “She was the best oral sex ever.” Now I’m waiting for ESPN to hire Bruce Pearl. They always seem to hire analysts who have just been fired for NCAA infractions or banned by them

  2. Marc Ragovin Says:

    So the New York City Council has renamed the 102 year-old Queensborough Bridge for 86 year-old former mayor, Ed Koch. One is an ancient, crumbling piece of infrastructure. The other’s a bridge

  3. Augie Says:

    “Tiger Woods has a new mobile application called “Tiger Woods: My Swing.” Wonder if it includes the advice, “Your swing will be better if your wife doesn’t catch you swinging?”

    The application has a prompt that provides advice on how to get a free “lie” when you land in the rough. A penalty-free swing.

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