Snow place like home.

 Well, so much for those who said nothing in Minneapolis this year would collapse faster than Brett Favre’s dream of going back to the Super Bowl…

Brett Favre has apparently told teammates that he doesn’t think he will play Monday night. And God responded  “You mean I collapsed that roof for nothing?”

Unfortunately for Vikings fans, snow meant their game was postponed. Unfortunately for Bears fans, snow meant their game wasn’t.

My friend Douglas Hudson commented “how embearassing.”

But really, the Bears offense falling apart  because a game was played in the snow?    (They lost 36-7 to the New England Patriots)  What’s next, Drew Brees having a bad passing day due to Superdome air conditioning?

 Meanwhile, in Washington, the Redskins continue their quest to find the most creative possible ways to lose a game. Today a great last minute drive negated by their holder not catching the ball on an extra point try. What’s next? For the price of a charter flight the Stanford band is available.

In fact, as contentious as things might get in our nation’s capital, the one resolution that would probably get passed unanimously is a bill stating simply “Redskins Suck.”

New York Jets coach Sal Alosi has apologized for a “total lapse in judgment” for tripping the Dolphins’ Nolan Carroll as he ran along the sidelines during a punt return today. No word on any potential punishment, but on the brighter side Alosi has been offered a job playing defense for the Dallas Cowboys.

So coach Rex Ryan buried a game ball after his Jets were destroyed on MNF by the mighty Patriots. What’s he going to bury after they got beat by the mediocre Dolphins?

‎49ers 40 – Seahawks 21. Today’s game at Candlestick Park was so embarassing for Pete Carroll that he had to think he was back with USC playing Stanford.

 The 5-8 49ers are still inexplicably alive for a playoff spot in the woeful NFL West. And there are signs that coach Mike Singletary has gotten just a bit cocky after this week’s 41-20 drubbing of the Seahawks. For example, in the team’s locker room, Singletary has already hung a banner saying “Mission Accomplished.”

Although to be fair, S.F.’s win did mean that at least for this year, they’re not the 4 and 9 ers.

7-11 has come up with their own brand of wine, available exclusively at their convenience stores,, and known as “Cherrywood Cellars.”  Of course, wine snobs might argue that instead of cherries, wine is generally made from grapes.

On the other hand, if you care about what fruit your wine is made from, you probably aren’t shopping for it at 7-11.

from Bill Littlejohn. on the Japanese space probe that’s hurtling toward the sun after it overshot Venus: “So much for JaMarcus Russell’s career as an aerospace engineer.”

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4 Comments on “Snow place like home.”

  1. Gary Morton Says:

    Soon, passengers will be allowed to carry guns on some Amtrak trains. This will be advantageous when Butch and Sundance reappear in the old west.
    …or Sarah Palin can film a new reality show as she attempts to shoot a grazing Aaron Sorkin from her perch aboard the Coast Starlight.

    The Giants-Vikings game will be played in Detroit, Monday night. Even when Detroit makes it on Monday Night Football, the Lions don’t get to play.

  2. tc Says:

    I still could care less that the Jets are Strugg-gull-ling, and that’s not a knee jerk reaction.

  3. boskolives Says:

    Hi Janice,
    Thanks for your sports related and very funny posts on, but you might want to add a “http://www.” to the beginning of your blog site url on your signature line so that it’s a clickable link.
    Happy Holidays as they may apply,
    Jerry w.

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