All booked up.

A new tell-all book, “The Politician.” written by a former aide and close friend of John Edwards is coming out in February. And Tiger Woods is looking into how much it would cost to have the book’s release date moved up to next week.

Sarah Palin actually praised the President today, saying that his Nobel Peace Prize address reminded her about things she wrote about in her book. Except that Obama’s speech was in English.

Give Tiger Woods credit for one thing….he has proved that given an interesting enough topic, most Americans WILL read.

Despite barely avoiding an embarrassing upset against Nebraska after one second was put back on the clock, Texas football coach Mack Brown was rewarded with a raise to $5 million a year. I hope he shares some with the replay booth officials.

As the holidays approach, police remind us that texting while driving is dangerous. Also texting while chipping, putting and walking the fairways. As Tiger Woods will attest.

Paul McCartney now says his marriage to Heather Mills was a mistake. In related news, Adam Lambert is still gay.

Anyone catch Barry Manilow on the Jay Leno Show? He looks like the love child of Clay Aiken and Keith Carradine.

A judge today ruled in favor of TLC in their contract dispute with Jon Gosselin. So there is now a preliminary junction barring Jon from appearing on any other reality television shows. Bummer, said absolutely no one.

And a little Toby Gerhart commercial. Some say that an previously unheralded running back from a school that was picked to MAYBE make it to .500 has no chance for the Heisman. Yeah, and how many people thought that Notre Dame would spend so much effort pursuing a football coach from the University of Cincinnati?

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2 Comments on “All booked up.”

  1. Marc Ragovin Says:

    I see where JaMarcus Russell said his benching is just a “road bump” in his career. Yeah, and the Titanic just hit some choppy waters.

    PS: i really liked the gosselin joke

  2. Lisa Says:

    Best. Manilow. Joke. Ever.

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