In praise of procrastination.

Think of all the sportswriters who prepared their “Best Sports Story of the Decade” articles before Thanksgiving.

And just think, a few weeks ago the most embarrassing sports story in Florida was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

So despite a photo of two Tennessee recruits, in the rain, with two lovely women dressed for a fancy party, on the field after a football game, and despite fact those recruits later committed to Tennessee, the University maintains they did nothing wrong.

Said Pete Rose, “I wouldn’t bet on it.”

And who’d a thunk this?. Bill Clinton will end up married longer than Mark Sanford.

Surprising appearance of Sarah Palin on the Tonight Show, after William Shatner had done more dramatic readings of excerpts from her book. She in turn read of some Shatner’s memoirs out loud. Who would have expected that – Sarah can read?

The Big 10 is thinking of expanding to 12 teams from 11. And we wonder why college athletes aren’t good at math.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggars had their 19th child, a girl born by emergency caesarean, Thursday night. 19 children?! Even the Octomom says “Are these people nuts?”

The buzz already is that the new movie “Up in the Air” has a strong chance to win Best Picture. And for the uninitiated, no, it’s not a documentary on Tiger Woods’ career.

The San Jose Sharks have lost their fourth in a row. It’s only December and they already are in postseason form.

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