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Yankees seats and other jokes…

April 27, 2009

Regarding those premium seats that sell for over $5000 a pair at Yankee Stadium.  The first place Toronto Blue Jays also charge extra for “Premium Dugout” seats, ie the field level on the infield.  The cost for those seats, up to $73.    Canadian.

Part of the problem the Yankees have is finding people willing to admit they are paying so much for tickets, especially since the seats are visible on television.  So  perhaps the solution,  unbreakable one-way glass?

Lost in the controversy over the “Legends Level” seats, are the prices the Yankees charge for regular lower level seats on the infield.   If the seats are available on the day of the game…. $400 each.

And with the Yankees getting off to such a mediocre start, there’s the very real possibility of paying all that money, and not having an enjoyable evening.  Some men are figuring, they might as  well just save some of the money, and take their wives to the ballet instead.

from Jim Barach

“Yankee Stadium’s premium priced seats that sell between $500-2,600 have been going mostly empty this season. Mostly because the only people who make enough money to afford them are the Yankees.”

The Boston Celtics  and Chicago Bulles  played an exciting NBA playoff game Sunday that ended in double overtime.  Meanwhile,  the Lakers and Cavaliers watched that Celtics-Bulls game with all the interest of cats observing a good mouse fight.

John McCain says that  prosecuting lawyers who signed off on waterboarding would be a “witch hunt.”  And he remembers it didn’t turn out so well when he watched those hunts in Salem.

New Yorkers are already reminiscing fondly about the days when Eliott Spitzer was Governor, and in a recent poll most would like to have him back.  Apparently they belatedly prefer a sleazeball to an incompetent.  Which may come to be known as the “post-Clinton effect.”

And hey, give Spitzer his due.  With all the tax scandals brewing these days, at least he got in trouble for actually paying money.