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What’s in a name?

February 7, 2009

Sarah Palin claims she named her daughter Bristol, because she had once wanted to work for ESPN in Bristol, Connecticut.

Good thing ESPN headquarters isn’t in Intercourse, Pennsylvania.

Given the way Sarah Palin’s career has turned out, wonder if she had twins, would they be named “Fair” and “Balanced?”

Kellogg’s dropped Michael Phelps as a spokesman after he was photographed using a bong. So let me get this straight, a guy was fired for using marijuana by the maker of Pop-Tarts?

The mother of those octuplets says she she expects to be able to support all her kids once she gets her master’s degree and becomes a mental health counselor. Yeah, right, nothing says mental health to think it’s normal to have 14 kids.

Three of the biggest stories of the past year have been Larry Craig, Rod Blagojevich, and now this new mother. These folks may not do much for the theory of evolution, but they aren’t helping the theory of intelligent design either.

And a non-steroids fueled rant: Okay, so the point supposedly of the feds still going after Barry Bonds, even though he’s not currently playing, is that they want to send a message that you can’t profit from steroids.

So let’s see. Baseball attendance was in the tank after the 1994 strike, until home run totals started taking off. (Remember “Chicks dig the long ball?”) Some say the McGwire-Sosa home run chase saved the sport. All of this overseen by Bud Selig. Who claims he didn’t even hear discussions about performance enchancing drugs until 1998 or 1999. And who just got a raise of $17.5 million a year.

Yeah, we sure don’t want to give anyone the impression they could profit from steroids.