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Twinkle Twinkle, Little Twinkie.

November 17, 2012

Most analysts think that despite the Hostess liquidation, the Twinkies brand will eventually live on with another company. And hey, given the shelf life of the current product, Twinkies fans who stock up have another decade or two to find out.



Apparently Kate Middleton has declined both Kim Kardashian’s request to meet for tea, and free samples from the Kardashian British line, which according to the National Enquirer in­cludes skintight sequin minidresses, pleather pants and blue leopard-print tops. Yep, Kate is DEFINITELY adding points to the IQ of the British royal gene pool.




My husband asked who I am mad at over the Hostess shutdown: It’s a multiple answer: I’m mad at the unions for making this easy, I’m mad at management for the loss of all jobs, and I’m mad at the media for buying into the idea that reasonable union concessions would have made a long term difference.


(And really, could anyone imagine “Whole Grain High Fiber Twinkies”?  Or “Gluten-Free Twinkies”?  Or whatever the market seems to require these days?)


What anti-West Coast bias. The headline on – “Baylor Women’s Streak Ends.” Uh, how about, “Stanford Women end Baylor Women’s Streak?

Advance reviews of the made-for-tv movie “Liz and Dick” have been scathing, but Lindsay Lohan is apparently unfazed because she refuses to read them. Makes sense, as if most people now question if Lohan is ABLE to read reviews.

NFL ref Tony Corrente has been fined by the league for some on-field obscenities during a game Nov 4. Wow,  if an obscene performance on the field is a fineable offense, the whole NY Jets team may be charged for their last several games.

A surprising number of stories in the national media about the chances for Stanford to beat Oregon.  (Which as a Stanford alum I still think is quite unlikely.)   Is Stanford getting some respect? Or is the media all hoping someone knocks off the Ducks to get an SEC team back in the BCS national championship?


At a Washington, D.C. gala last month, Paula Broadwell apparently bragged to other guests that she and General Petraeus were “collaborating on other projects.” You can say that again.

I’m sorry, but when a corporation (in this case the Atlantis Resort box office on Paradise Island) says on a recorded message for several days running “Your call is important to us. Please try back later.”, it means “Your call is not that important to us.”


Holland America Line is going to have 6 themed “Dancing with the Stars cruises, with production numbers and opportunities to meet “celebrities” and dance professionals from the show. Well that ought to make it easier from millions of wives to convince their husbands to cruise….

The NCAA just announced additional penalties against the Tennessee football program involving a case with one of Lane Kiffin’s assistant coaches in 2009. Anyone want to join the pool on when the USC Trojans are going back on probation?.