A league of their own?

As Oakland As indicate they are ready to leave Oakland, why is Las Vegas the only likely option?

Answer, because other team in MLB potential expansion hunt look at A’s owner John Fisher and have probably decided to hold out for an actual Major League team.

In the first five innings, SF Giante challenged three calls today on the field Thursday Milwaukee

All three were overturned. Maybe time to remind umpires MLB benefits include vision insurance?

NY Mets may have messed things up with Carlos Correa but SF Giants would like to thank the Mets again for letting go of Michael Conforto. Conforto’s 11th home run of the year went 424 feet (at least) to DEEP center field.

Shawn Estes after Giants’ 5-0 shut out of the Brewers: “Keep the opposition from scoring runs and you’re going to win a lot of games.”

ICYMI, Estes signed a baseball contract out of high school but had been recruited by and admitted to Stanford.

Hey, when Shawn’s right, he’s right

Lebron James was probably just frustrated after his Lakers were swept by the Denver Nuggets, and expect him to play a few more years. But how about retiring in 2025-27 and then running for Senate in Ohio against J.D. Vance?

Now it’s Pride clothing that has some MAGA’s losing their minds.

Even though I live in San Francisco Bay Area I root for New Orleans Saints – and am not a 49ers fan. But if I’m in Target & see a display of SF 49ers merchandise, I just walk by it. See how easy that is?

CNN – If you want politicians to do 2024 Town Halls,

Pres. Biden has great surrogate advisory board.

To name a few – Sens Amy Klobuchar, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Raphael Warnock… Governors Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer, Josh Shapiro…… Invite them for town halls. Guessing they’ll show up.

Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes has been sentenced to 18 years for “seditious conspiracy.” Siri, tell me today’s biggest story you won’t hear on Fox News.

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