Slim odds

As A’s announced Las Vegas deal for a 30,000 person stadium, your reminder, currently only Cleveland has stadium with less than 35,000 capacity . Guessing MLB figure with Fisher as owner the team will seldom if ever need to sell postseason tickets.

And uh, the NHL Las Vegas Golden Knights are a great team, the Las Vegas Aces just won the WNBA championship, the Raiders have random moments of hope…. what makes anyone think the city would support a team on pace to be worse than the 1962 Mets.?

Florida Panthers, lowest ranked team of 8 to make it into the NHL playoffs, are now going to the Stanley Cup finals. Another team that was ranked 8th of 8 in the playoffs? The 2014 SF Giants.

Although today, 2-16 with RISP, 15 (!) left on base, three “official” errors, at least two plays that should have been errors.

SF Giants seriously gift wrap 7-1 win for the Twins, but maybe they decided to get all their Little League play out of the way for a while. #SFGiants

Today might have been the most fun former Twitter engineers have had since Muskrat bought the company.

As my friend Jon Nedry added “DeSantis had to be asking himself… “What kind of a Mickey Mouse operation are they running there?”

“I don’t have time for drama” says the Governor and Presidential candidate whose number one focus is his fight with a Mouse

Maybe DeSantis secretly now wishes he hadn’t severed relations with Disney. They’re better at streaming than Twitter and have Audio-Animatronic engineers who do a great job with robots.

GOP Sen. Rick Scott seriousy just issued a formal travel advisory warning the state of Florida is “openly hostile toward Socialists” Florida ranks #2 in country for elderly population percentage – 21.3% of residents over 65. Wonder how many are on social security?

Remember when egg prices were a daily headline? Today, Grocery Outlet near me in California advertising “Lindsey’s Gold Cage Free Grade AA Large Eggs – 2 for $3”

Thank you Brandon!

Has it occurred to these parents trying to ban children from reading things like “The Hill We Climb” that such steps will lead many many kids to search out copies of something they wouldn’t otherwise have read?

Kevin McCarthy will have House leave town for Memorial Day weekend saying the debt ceiling standoff is “not my fault.” Right, if the parents only paid the ransom the baby would have been fine…

But seriously Matt Gaetz on the debt ceiling just said this about his GOP colleagues – with his outside voice: “They don’t feel like we should negotiate with our hostage.”

Fox News “Increased interest in Coors Light & Miller Lite could lead to supply shortages.” Uh, “Molson Coors received perfect 100 score on Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index making us one of “Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality” So MAGA’s gonna drink water?

On 1st anniversary of children being massacred at school in Uvalde, Ted Cruz took to Twitter with the message “Target should leave our kids the hell alone.” If you think Pride clothing is more dangerous to children than an AR-15, you just might be a deeply disturbed individual.

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