SF Giants are undefeated when they score 15 runs.

I hate polls.

2 recent polls have majority of CA Democrats saying DiFi should resign. Bet they’re not asking -“If Feinstein resigns GOP says they will not allow Dems to replace her on Judiciary Committee which will keep Biden’s judges from being confirmed. Should she resign?

“Roasting green chile” is now the official scent of New Mexico per a bill signed by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham.

This makes the state the first in US with an official aroma.

Cue the New Jersey jokes.

Hey MAGAs. Going to boycott Bud Light this weekend?

Newsweek found that 5 of top 10 best-selling beers in USA have LGBTQ+ partnerships, with figure increasing to all 10 if parent companies are included.

Enjoy drinking water!

And now some MAGAs and other conservatives are boycotting Target now over Pride clothing? Okay, add Walmart to the list. Maybe it’s time for them to learn to sew.


Can someone tell me how the same people that say gun bans don’t work think that book bans do work?

From book event in LA w/ Leno interviewing Amy Klobuchar. Jay Leno is no radical, (some even think he’s Republican), and & has said late night has gotten too political but from an LA reviewer who mentioned Amy told stories from January 6 and senators all being locked together in a single location

“Interesting comment by Leno, was how anybody can still, at this time, not recognize that January 6 event was treason.”

I’m so old I remember when a Texas attorney general impeached by his own Republican party would have been the biggest story of the week.

And it just gets crazier. Paxton allegedly cheated on his wife, and as state Senator herself he has a vote on his impeachment.

Meanwhile, Senator Tommy Tuberville not only makes me really really miss Senator Doug Jones, he almost makes me miss Senator Jeff Sessions.

On a serious note, something else worth noting as we see increasing number of horror stories of women with non-viable fetuses who will die soon after birth, – many of these are wanted pregnancies. Making a woman carry a baby to term that will die also will delay her chance of getting pregnant with a healthy baby. If it doesn’t cause serious complications.

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2 Comments on “Weekending…”

  1. Marc L Ragovin Says:

    Martha Stewart was recently on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. And at 81, it explains why fans of two-time defending champions Penticton Vees were heard chanting “Three-piece. Three-piece”

    (I kid b/c I love.)

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