Wine and whine time

San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is famous both for his love of drafting internation players, and for his love of wine…. Wonder what French wine he opened tonight?

Victor Webanayama said he didn’t have preferred destination, but Spurs are popular team in France because national basketball legends Boris Diaw & Tony Parker thrived and won titles in San Antonio. And he called it “a special moment”

Spurs fans agree.

Yes, the Lebron James-led Lakers have been really impressive lately. But your reminder, the chopped-liver Denver Nuggets were in 1st place most of the season and finished 10 games ahead of Los Angeles.

CBS gives a 60 Minutes interview slot to Marjorie Taylor Greene. CNN gives a Town Hall to Donald Trump. NBC gives an interview to Elon Musk What’s next – a network giving a full hour special to George Santos?

North Carolina State Rep. Tricia Cotham, who won in a deep blue district, then inexplicably switched parties, has HERSELF had an abortion.

And she was the deciding vote to overturn Governor Roy Cooper’s veto of 12 wk abortion ban.

GOP motto has truly become, “Do as I say, not as I do.

Kevin McCarthy saying he doesn’t think Biden should travel now “Don’t think I’d spend 8 days out of the country. Think country wants an American President focused on solving American problems.” Like a toddler throwing a tantrum and saying Mommy should stay home from work.

Tommy Tuberville has done the impossible – make reasonable people miss Jeff Sessions.

Tommy Tuberville, supported by Mike Lee, holds up all Pentagon appointments over DOD’s travel policy for military women seeking reproductive care. Imagine if Democratic senator held up ALL military appointments over unmarried men getting Viagra. Or even over gun control.’

Or, if it’s about pregnancy…. what about vasectomies. Cue Monty Python’s “Every Sperm is Sacred.”

Elon Muskrat is ducking a U.S. Virgin Islands subpoena & denying that he ever got advice from or would listen to Jeffrey Epstein. And although Musk and Ghislaine Maxwell were seen together at a 2014 Vanity Fair party, he’s denied knowing her. “Everyone but me is lying.”

Pattern sound familiar?

The largest city in the US with a Republican mayor.” “What is no longer Jacksonville?” Political Jeopardy for DeSantis, who endorsed the GOP nominee.

Newly elected Jacksonville mayor Donna Deegan: ” I believe 2 things can be true: Police have very dangerous job & we need more officers on streets & I will fund those, I also believe that Black mamas shouldn’t have to worry every time their kids step out of the house.”

Watching media talk about GOP manufacture debt ceiling crisis. Next time someone takes hostages in a bank robbery will they say the police are equally to blame for risking those hostages’ lives by not negotiating?

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