Schmitt happens

SF Giants this year not only started out with a mediocre record, but also they often weren’t much fun to watch. This changed when Casey Schmitt showed up. For those who remember 1986 – You gotta like this kid.

And yeah, now about a quarter through MLB season and SF Giants are at 20-23.

Not great, but only 1/2 game behind highest payoll in MLB NY Mets, 1/2 game better than 3rd highest payroll SD Padres, and Giants just swept the 4th highest Philadelphia Phillies.

Remember when Erik Spoelstra coached the Miami Heat “Super Team & conventional wisdom said he didn’t have to do a thing for the ring? Between other “Super teams” crashing and burning plus the Heat so far in NBA playoffs this year, thinking conventional wisdom was way wrong.

House Minority leader Hakeem Jeffries filed a discharge petition which could force a vote on increasing the debt limit. Kevin McCarthy responded “I think America is tired of political games.” And Kevin said it with a straight face.

Lauren Boebert, who has told us repeatedly how much she believes in marriage, has made the life-altering decision to file for divorce, and now wants us to respect her difficult choice. Okay then…

A party line vote today referred resolution to expel George Santos from Congress to the House Ethics Committee. Shocking. This GOP led-house HAS an Ethics Committee?

Apparently a proposed trucker boycott in Florida over immigration hasn’t really happened.

Yet. But have to wonder, as someone in the travel industry, an industry with a LOT of LGBTQ people, what happens if LGBTQ people in travel and hospitality – restaurants and hotels – decided not to work in Florida?’-

Trump fundraising email whine of the day “I’m disgusted that the Biden-appointed Special Counsel is harassing, threatening, and terrorizing my staff.”

That’s not only a lie, but also apparently Donald thinks harassing, threatening and terrorizing his staff is his job.

GOP trying to use Comstock Act from 1873, from before women could vote, against mifepristone. Act prohibits mailing of anything “intended for prevention of conception or procuring of abortion.” or “obscene, lewd, or lascivious” materials. So wouldn’t that ban mailing Viagra?

As summer travel season approaches, remember, since 2006 Americans can’t bring even a half bottle of sealed wine in carry-on because of alleged plot to put bombs in soft-drink bottles. And how many mass shootings has America had just in 2023 without any changes in gun laws?

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