Intimate gatherings…

The Oakland A’s drew an announced crowd of 2,064, their smallest for a home game fans were allowed to attend since 1979.

2,064….. ?! Even old Montreal Expos are thinking that’s pathetic.

And for comparison, at Sunken Diamond on the Stanford campus, the Cardinal drew 2061 for a random game last Saturday against the University of Arizona.

And the Giants, whose attendance is down probably in part due to a mediocre at best start and a lack of star power, drew 23,819.

Meanwhile over in SF,

This Casey Schmitt kid is seriously fun! #SFGiants

Roy Cooper had a outdoor joyous rally Saturday to protect women’s rights by vetoing North Carolina’s 12 week abortion bill. Ron DeSantis signs Florida’s six week bill under cover of darkness and announces it later. See the difference?

We don’t know a motive yet and not speculating. But NOTHING on Fox News website about the baseball bat attack on staffers for Virginia Democratic representative Gerry Connelly. If staffers for a GOP US representative were as much as heckled at lunch it would be headline news.

A new super PAC backing Mike Pence as a 2024 presidential candidate launched Monday.” This might be the first time the words “Super” and “Mike Pence” have been used in the same sentence.

So has Florida banned Mulan yet?

And what about Little Mermaid (inter-species relationship.)

And Zootopia? (Bucky and Pronk.)

For that matter… seven little men living alone in one cottage until a woman shows up & none of them are interested in her? Seems gay to me.

Media acting like Kevin McCarthy is being normal on debt ceiling when he says “it doesn’t seem yet that Biden wants a deal. It’s as if Kevin said “if parents don’t want to negotiate with kidnappers holding their child hostage it doesn’t seem yet that they want their kid to live.”

Sen. John Cornyn speaking on National Police Week & touting his bipartisan bills with Amy Klobuchar, Chris Coons & Gary Peters. All well & good, but if Cornyn wants to “Back the Blue” how about assault weapon legislation to limit cops facing civilians armed with weapons of war?

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