Oh Canada

It has been 30 years since a Canadian team has won the Stanley Cup. And as the Las Vegas Golden Knights eliminate the Edmonton Oilers, that streak will continue.

But before the game, ESPN was tonight talking about “a very important game six between the Golden Knights and the Oilers in the NHL playoffs.”

Ok, in a best of seven series in sports is there ever a non-important game six?.

Kenley Jansen got his 400th save this week. In his next two games, Friday and Saturday, he blew the saves. That’s baseball.

Interesting times to be a Denver Nuggets fan. Sports pundits seemingly trying to decide if Lakers, Celtics or Heats are favorites to win the NBA championship. And all the Nuggets have done is won the Western Conference after spending 105 days in first place.

SF Giants pitcher Anthony DeScalani may not win the Cy Young this year but “dropping a piano bench on your toe” is in the running for the most bizarre baseball injury of 2023.

Have no idea what is going on in Ja Morant’s head…. and NBA stars probably have to deal with a lot of unwanted attention. But seriously, if he was actually concerned about his safety, the guy could hire a licensed security team.

Remembering on Mother’s Day that my mom actually taught 2nd grade for a couple years. When she got pregnant with me she felt fine, but had to quit when she started to “show.” Used to laugh about how puritanical USA was back in the day…sadly we’re heading back in that direction.


If Daniel Penny were black and Jordan Neely were white, does anyone think Ron DeSantis and others in the GOP would be calling Penny a hero and Good Samaritan?

Trump canceled his rally last night due to tornado warnings. Translation – he didn’t want to muss up his hair?

So with Ron DeSantis’s new law saying health care providers have “right to opt out of health care services on the basis of conscience-based objections,” if, for starters, if a married man comes in with an STD he didn’t get from his wife, can a doctor refuse to treat him?

USA has, and needs, hardworking immigrants from all over, especially in today’s labor market. But GOP attacks immigrants from the southern border because it’s convenient. Not say, Vietnam. Because even GOP knows there’d be bipartisan rage if women couldn’t get their nails done.

Going through Twitter- Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, Lisa Murkowski, even Mitch Mcconnell… all posted lovely warm messages on Mother’s Day. And the Former Guy ranted about the “radical left.” Very on brand.

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