Nothing is certain.

Nothing is certain but death, taxes, and the Toronto Maple Leafs breaking their fans’ hearts in the playoffs.

Many thought the Western Conference finals would be between the evenly matched Phoenix Suns and Golden State Warriors. Instead, the most even match is that the Suns lost their elimination game by 25, and the Warriors by 21.

For anyone who saw the actual shot/heave – this might be one of the NBA basketball understatements of the year: From ESPN Gamecast in Warriors-Lakers game, end of 2nd quarter. “0.0 – Austin Reaves makes 54-foot three pointer.”

Two regular season play-in teams will make the conference finals. So wonder how many top NBA teams, already being criticized for resting their stars too much during the regular season, will decide the solution to win in the playoffs will be to sit those stars even more?

I would hereby like to nominate SF Giants Ross Stripling to pitch All-Star week. Specifically in the Home Run Derby. Stripling has now pitched 28 innings and given up 10 home runs.

NY Times has this headline lower down the front page… “Border Is Calm as Crowds Continue and Administration Fights Court Ruling.” Yes. “Border is Calm.” But media is, again, rooting for disaster.

Linda Yaccarino, newly appointed CEO of Twitter, appears to be quite competent and certainly no pushover. Too soon to start a pool on how long she’ll last?

Ron Deathsantis apparently has failed in his latest punishment effort for Disney – trying to put state inspectors in charge of ALL Disney rides. Yeah, the same state inspectors who were in charge of buildings like Champlain Towers South, the Surfside condo that collapsed.

What Republicans especially don’t talk about with immigration. Caitlin Dickerson: “Employers are desperate: Hearing from sources in New York that within days every migrant that arrives is working 6-7 days a week, cleaning houses, offices, making or delivering food…”

Again, it strikes me people who are willing to walk for months, to risk their & their children’s lives, for a better life and the chance to work hard at a job, might be pretty good employees. Especially with a US labor shortage. We need reasonable immigration reform.

Gov DeSantis just signed a bill mandating inclusion of Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) history in Florida’s K-12 curriculum. While he has rejected African American history. So just cynically dividing communities of color? Or does Ron have big AAPI donors? Or both.

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