Insult to injury?

As Spring Training gets underway new Texas Ranger Jacob DeGrom is dealing with tightness in his left side after his most recent bullpen session.

So congratulations to all those who had February 15 in the pool.

Nonpolitical outrage time: This August,

Washington Nationals have “Pups in the Park” & “Caturday” in August.

Pups -“You & your dog both get to enjoy the game in our pet-friendly section.


Only in the USA do we sadly know when a mall trends that it’s usually for another mass shooting. Today it’s Cielo Vista Mall. “It’s the guns, stupid.”

Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan talking about needing to update and modernize FAA technology and he has “the appetite” to pay for it. Great. Is Dan committing to vote for an FAA upgrade bill? I am sure Senate Democrats would be happy to have him as a co-sponsor.

RIP Raquel Welch, 82. Think I speak for many Americans who remember her back from childhood when I ask how could Raquel Welch have been 82?

Fox News is attacking a Florida reporter caught on a hot mic saying “My job is to ask the tough questions and make him uncomfortable.”

Uh, shouldn’t that be part of most reporters’ jobs in dealing with politicians? (And Fox LOVES it when Doocy goes after White House Press Secretary.

Nikki Haley says “I don’t believe in glass ceilings.” I’m reminded of Amy Klobuchar in the 2020 Presidential primaries “If that were the case, we could play the game, ‘name your favorite woman President.”

Media coverage of trial indicates some people have problem with idea Alex Murdaugh could have been a respected member of the community yet still capable of cold-bloodedly killing his son and wife over money problems. Guessing most of those people are not women.

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