What matters most.

MLB says for 2023 they plans to emphasize enforcement of balks.

Yeah, that’ll do it. How many millions of Americans have said to themselves, “I’d watch more baseball if they only called more balks?”

Alex Cora say new MLB bases ‘look like a pizza box,’

And okay, how long until now all the bases will be “Brought to you by Pizza Hut.” Or Dominos painted on second bases… Or “it’s not de Out, it’s DeGiornio, Sigh.

Claire McCaskill tonight about Nikki Haley “She’s been on and off the Trump train so often, it’s a wonder she doesn’t have a high ankle sprain like that Super Bowl quarterback.”

Nikki Haley has announced her campaign for President. That should really excite both her supporters.

How does Nikki Haley say with a straight face that it’s “time for a new generation of leadership,” when Nikki’s proved over the past several years with Velveeta Voldemort that she’s not a leader but a slavish follower…

Nikki Haley says “I’ve never lost an election, and I’m not going to start now.” Well, you can’t lose an election if you don’t make it through the primary.

“The highest court in the land should not be held to the lowest standards in government.” Senator Sheldon Whitehouse summing up big problem with SCOTUS – ie a complete lack of ethics rules.

For those don’t remember, Senator Dianne Feinstein authored original 1994 Assault Weapons ban, after mass shooting at 101 California in San Francisco. The bill sadly expired. It would be a great tribute if Congress could pass another such bill before the end of her term.

Dear Muskrat: If you are so convinced you are better and smarter than everyone else, why not dump Twitter, and start over with your own social media site? Signed, Americans who thought the app was more than about a billionaire’s ego.

Yes, George Santos is a joke. But there are 221 other Republican members of the House. Don’t let his antics distract you from the fact that GOP is trying to take away our democracy and our rights while you’re laughing.

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