Moanday morning

Next Monday is the President’s Day Holiday. Have to think it might be more practical to move the Super Bowl to the weekend before President’s Day. Would save people having to call in sick with “Big Game Flu” – ie hangover or overdose of guacamole and chips.

New Dallas Maverick Kyrie Irving doesn’t want to be asked about next season, saying such questions are a “distraction.”

As opposed to some of Irving’s social media posts this season?

Can we stop giving the sore loser from Arizona publicity. Arizona now has Governor Katie Hobbs and newly re-elected Senator Mark Kelly. Both of them are much more worthy of attention!

So how proudly will House Republicans from Michigan wear their gun pins tomorrow in the US Capitol?

Alleged killer on MSU campaign is reportedly dead from a self-inflicted gunshot. These murder-suicide a**holes always do their shooting in the wrong order.

Senator Tuberville attacking Democrats and ranting about a society that allows abortion “up to and past the moment of birth.” Tommy Tuberville claims to believe in a God. Does he know you can go to Hell for lying?

Thinking CNN figures ratings are down because President Biden doesn’t provide as much crazy drama as Former Guy. Yeah, crazy is clickbait. But part of reason their ratings are down is Fox owns right wing audience & most of rest of us don’t care for a Clickbait News Network.

Also thinking with all the current concern over objects in the sky that it’s a really good thing that Santa Claus doesn’t do test runs over the USA in February.

Ron DeSantis now says Florida could cut off its reliance on College Board for tests & end AP classes. Let’s be honest, DeSantis really wants to end public education period. Unless they teach what he wants. If you’re not afraid you’re not paying attention.

OTOH, If Ron DeSantis disbands the AP program in Florida what’s gonna happen to kids, including rich white GOP kids, applying out of state to Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Chicago etc – schools that care about academic rigor. Guess that means more spots for applicants from other states.

Feb 13, 1542: Henry VIII had 5th wife, Katheryn Howard, executed, allegedly for adultery but also for not being a virgin when they married. Since Alito used 13th century treatise to overturn Roe V. Wade, not just a joke to imagine SCOTUS using 16th century laws against women too.

US now recommending all all Americans leave Russia NOW, and warns of risk of being ‘harassed or incarcerated’ by Kremlin law enforcement. As a travel agent have to ask, what are any Americans doing still in Russia in the first place?

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