Bowl over.

Super Bowl LVII is over. What time tomorrow does the Super Bowl LVIII pregame show start?

A multi-billion dollar industry still cannot figure out what a catch is….

So both the AFC championship and the Super Bowl come down to last minute penalties…. Just why we all tune in, to watch part-time referees decide a game.

When it comes to being screwed over by the refs, #Saints fans were early adopters.

The “Servant Foundation” which ran “He Gets Us” pro-Jesus ads during the Super Bowl, is funded in large part by Hobby Lobby founder David Green. Same people fighting birth control and medication abortion. It’s also a tax-exempt 501 C-3.


So now a Trump Laptop has been turned over to DOJ with classified information on it. Anyone think that’s the only such laptop?

BBC Headline: “Another horrible, no good, very bad week for Santos.”

Except the GOP Congressman from NY is clearly a narcissistic sociopath who lives for publicity, of any kind.

And Kevin McCarthy won’t do anything to jeopardize his razor-thin majority. So how was GS’s week bad?

On the Sunday shows – “FOX “Fox News Sunday – Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs.” Wait, Fox admits Katie Hobbs is the Governor of Arizona? Don’t tell the sore loser.

Bill Maher on Friday referred to Sarah Huckabee Sanders as “a Nepo baby.” Maher is a mixed-bag. But when he’s right, he’s right.

Florida – where public school students have mandated monthly active shooter drills but those same kids have to be protected from disturbing books.

George Santos bought puppies with checks that bounced? If this was a proposed satiric movie plot about a crook running for office it would probably be rejected as over the top.

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